Hearsay: Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Un-Modern, Hot Drums, Obnoxiousness, Nay-Nay

HearSayís always leery of events built around the intermingling of rock íní roll and other artistic media, especially visual art. Unlike a pop song, a type of art that requires no thought to appreciate fully, a painting or piece of sculpture isnít complete until the viewer has contemplated it ó not merely observed it but really chewed it over. A good spiritual union doesnít happen easily or quickly. Whatís required is patience, probably the one thing that rock íní roll was created to destroy. Though HearSay maintains the right to object on principle to music-art happenings, your columnist full-heartedly supports any situation in which the unwashed are exposed to pretty pictures. This Sat., at Axis (120 S. Main St., FW; 817-870-AXIS), a handful of bands from across the musical spectrum will play in support of the Emergency Artist Support League, including Vertical, Tephlon Resistance, With These Words, Lost Country, and Sub Oslo. The name of the event: ďUn-Modern,Ē a play on the popular, will-it-ever-die artistic meta-narrative. EASL, founded in 1992 by a group of artists, dealers, and arts professionals, provides cash to artists in need. Now what kind of curmudgeon would dis anything associated with this group? (Donít look at me!) ... Word on Dallas Hardcoreís message board is that El Salvador Birthday Bash recently had more than $10,000 worth of equipment stolen from a local self-storage facility. The police are, allegedly, on the case. Of all the hoisted material, a set of clear blue drums (covered with Virgin Mary stickers) probably stands out the most. Anyone in the market for used skins who comes across a similar kit is encouraged to contact police immediately. ... HearSayís never one to get all crotchety and capriciously assume the bully pulpit, but enoughís enough. Loud music ó and, indirectly, loud people ó are the bane of society. Having a party? Sure, blast the tunes ítil your head splits. Otherwise, keep your awful taste to yourself. There isnít a night that goes by when Chez HearSay isnít rattled by the foreboding thrum of bass beats, reverberating from the speakers of passing cars. Are people really so self-aggrandizing that the need to broadcast their presence supersedes respect for fellow citizensí peace and quiet? Or maybe these stentorian folks didnít get enough attention as children. Whatever. Like my jackass neighbor who slams his door shut every morning at 7:20, these people are just stupid, selfish jerks. No wonder the rest of the world hates our stupid, selfish, jerk asses. ... Itís been a while since the Fort has seen Nathan Brown, he of the funky Prince-ish R&B, Euro-Jesus visage, and ka-razy cheers. Now married, living in the Big Apple, hard at work on a new c.d., and performing under the moniker Nathan Browningham (a fusion of his surname and his wifeís, Cunningham), Nay-Nay is playing several shows here this weekend ó Fri. at Club Clearview (2806 Elm St., Dallas; 214-939-0077); Sat. at the Wreck Room (3208 W. 7th St., FW; 817-348-8303), with Honchie, SNMNMNM, and Satellite Dream; and Sun. at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios (411 E. Sycamore St., Denton; 940-387-7781).

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