Hearsay: Wednesday, November 12, 2003
Come Back, Shea!

What? You don’t remember Shea Seger or her 2001 major-label debut The May Street Project (RCA)? That’s OK — neither does anybody else around here. Nor do folks — from here or across the pond, where last we knew Seger was spreading roof — know where she is now or what’s she’s working on, if anything. The reason HearSay’s going on about this now is that your writer recently heard the all-over-the-map May Street and thought it didn’t suck (that’s an endorsement, BTW). The message to take home with you: If you or anyone you know has any info on Seger or on what she’s doing, drop us a line. There’s a good story there, somewhere, we’re sure, and we wanna be the ones who cover it. (Like, did she quit music? Did she become a pharmaceutical sales rep? What?!?) That, and, well, Shea — with her perfectly underdeveloped bod, sandy blonde hair, and gigantic smile — makes Sheryl Crow look like a beat-up radial tire from 1967. Fort Worth could use a little brightening up, knowwhatI’msayin’? Help us help you.

Kinder, Gentler Punk Returns to FW

Remember pop-punkers The Adderallics? Well, they were pretty big and pretty popular and pretty good back in the day, but they couldn’t keep every plate a-spinnin’ once frontman Cameron Adkins decamped for California. What the other guys are doing now, HearSay’s not sure, but we know that Adkins, according to a source, has been (gasp!) honing his singer-songwriter chops. Having been promised a copy of Adkins’ work, HearSay advises you to stay tuned to this column to see how his shit turns out.

Polyphonic Pee

Received a promotional poster from the Polyphonic Spree the other day and was duly pissed. Seems that everyone’s favorite breakthrough band had arranged a collage of newspaper clippings in an obvious attempt to prove just how viable and credible the band is as Big Time rock stars. (Remember: Nothing exists and nothing matters until it’s been written about in The New York Times.) The rub: No Fort Worth Weekly cover. (The Spree had appeared on the front of this newspaper a couple of years ago — before the band exploded.) Granted, the Weekly isn’t as significant as the Times or, a-hem, The Dallas Morning Snooze, but HearSay likes to think we matter. Oh, well. That’s the Big Leagues for ya. If you don’t have friends, then who are you supposed to step on to get to the top?

New and Improved Benway

Don’t worry: Benway, contrary to speculation, hasn’t broken up. The band, according to guitarist Darren Miller, has been looking for a new drummer and has been in the studio working on a full-length. Miller said the c.d. should hit the streets some time before the end of the year. Look for the band to hit local stages later, in the spring.

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