Hearsay: Wednesday, October 22, 2003
Radio City

OK. Confession time. (Insert: sound of someone making the sign of the cross, then kissing the middle knuckle on his good right hand as if preparing to punch the lights out of an uppity wall that’s looking — just begging — for a physics lesson.) HearSay’s not a big radio fan. It’s true. Dig this: HearSay’s car radio fizzed out about six months ago, and the desperation for a replacement that your columnist thought would assert itself like a booze floozy on a man in a shirt made of crisp dollar bills never materialized. Imagine: a half a year without hearing a tune by Little Anthony and the Imperials or the Skyliners and no pain! It’s magic! Having a c.d. player in the hooptie likely accounts for HearSay’s relative tranquility over this no-radio shit (even though the fucking c.d. player is temperamental as fuck and — like Pavarotti — only works when “the mood is right”). So, largely, it’s been a steady diet of silence and some c.d.’s, whenever HearSay can coax the damn, fucking c.d.-player-thingy into working. (Discs on parade: some Sun Ra, some hair metal, some show tunes, some gangsta rap. Only the finest sounds for HearSay’s ears, dig?)

However, being radio-free now is a shame, ’cause HearSay’s been hearing “good” things about “The Good Show,” that ol’ KTCU standby that runs every Saturday 9am-noon. That’s right, kids. At just about the time most of y’all are taking that early morning “walk of shame” from your tequila sweetheart’s pad to yours, Tom Urquhart and Chris Bellomy are making like grown-ups and, you know, working, spinning stuff by Wilco, R.E.M., Grandaddy, and all those other arty-farty bands you unrepentant nerds love. (Urquhart and Bellomy, to be fair, do play a lot of good shit, too. HearSay knows ’cause HearSay’s been reading the playlists online.) This way-early starting time, BTW, is largely why HearSay’s never heard the show. (’Nother confession: The last time HearSay saw the “a-m” part of Saturday was probably three years ago when a loud piercing noise in the skull roused your faithful columnist from abundant slumber to a cruel, cruel world of sunlight and the nausea-inducing rhythms of neighbors a-fighting.) So HearSay’s only heard of “The Good Show” and of its hosts, two fine young cannibals who are constantly doing their damnedest to promote local music, if not on the air, then in the clubs.

This Saturday at the Black Dog Tavern, “The Good Show” team will celebrate itself, its good deeds, its genuine affection and sometimes romantic inclinations toward local musicians, and its third year of existence with a gig that’ll include performances by Goodwin, The Theater Fire, and Collin Herring, among others. Show starts at 7:30pm. Get there early and watch HearSay wrastle Urquhart and Bellomy for control of the hearts of many. (Insert: sound of the Yellow Pages being scanned for a listing, stolen weaponry being sold, and ... crickets chirping.)

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