Letters: Wednesday, October 8, 2003
Wanted: More Buses

To the editor: Thanks so much for the article about mass transit in the Fort Worth/Dallas area (“Transit for the [Middle-Class] Masses,” Oct. 1, 2003). I’m 25 years old, making decent wages, and I choose not to own a vehicle. Why bother when I have a bus that runs a block from my house, and I’m so close to downtown? Incidentally, I happened across the article while taking the bus home from work! People are still astounded when they learn I survive well without a car. Forty bucks a month is so much easier than having a car, car insurance, repairs, gasoline, etc. Thanks again for the article, showing that some of us riding aren’t doing it because we have to but because we want to.

Jennifer Rose Sevrens

Fort Worth

To the editor: Thanks for the article by Dan McGraw about the T needing big-time changes. Too bad the T is not trying to run a bus service for the regular bus riders for the most part. There are so few fixed routes that it actually discourages citizens from riding the buses. Many parts of Fort Worth can’t get to the buses, and there are not enough bus stop signs. The system is too spread out, and it doesn’t work if you need to go to a place different than usual.

They should get rid of it and bring back the old system that actually worked.

Max Overton

Fort Worth

Waxing Republican

To the writers of “Best of 2003”: After reading your waxations on the politics of the day, it is clear you should stick to the easy things, like oh, making a best of list. How do you give a tax credit, if a tax is not paid? I know, take the money out of your bleeding heart wallet and give it to those “working poor.” Remember those Bush tax cuts? That is why they don’t pay taxes.

Speaking of Bush, when is the last time the U.S. was attacked since 9/11? Clinton was offered Bin Laden three times by the Sudanese government, after three different bombings overseas. If Clinton had accepted, we wouldn’t be in any of this mess. One of the enumerated powers of the government is to protect the people. Hint: The Department of Education is not enumerated. And since when do liberals care about our fighting boys overseas? What hypocrites you are.

Since almost two-thirds of our reps are Republican, and gee, they were voted in by citizens to represent. Why not be, to use one of your buzz words, “fair” and have our congressional and senator reps reflect the same numbers? Gee how do you do that legally, fairly and just? Redraw districts. P.S.: It’s illegal to misrepresent minority communities by redrawing their districts to misrepresent them. So to say the Repubs are doing it is incorrect. That’s why it goes through the courts. So the race card won’t work.

Since Texas is educating itself and is going conservative, because the people are finding out B.S. liberal scams don’t work, you should turn off Oprah, Tom Brokaw, and CNN, get hip with truth and reality, and write about the facts. That means leaving your feelings at the curb. Maybe you’ll keep your job. Hey editor — editorials and opinions are for the editorial page. Duh.

Ron Hacker

Fort Worth

Editor’s note: Staff choices for our “Best of” issues have always been based on staff opinions.

Good Guy, Good Work

To the editor: Thank you for recognizing the work of Daedalus Development Corporation and Modern Drug Village (“Best of 2003,” Sept. 24, 2003). Ray Boothe and company are doing a superb job reusing old structures and upgrading the architectural integrity of this city.

I would like to bring to light another of their projects — my home, the Victory Arts Center. I do not wish to offer free advertising except when it is deserved, and this is one such instance. The beautiful loft my husband and I share is unique, as are all of the 46 lofts and studios. We have made good, artistically minded friends and hope to make more as the units fill up. The building is old, beautiful, inspiring and in a well-kept residential area that’s close to TCU’s campus and cool places like Fuzzy’s.

I have seen Ray outside every day doing dirty work with shovel in hand, and he is always available for us to air gripes and concerns. Above all, he’s just a good guy. Again, thanks for highlighting his company’s work.

Amanda Hand

Fort Worth

To the editor: Thank you for the fine story on Christopher Largen and George McMahon and their book (“Pot Power,” Sept. 24, 2003). Who knows quite when this madness will go the way of the Salem witch trials et al, but you will have played a role.

Jerry Epstein

Executive Director

Drug Policy Forum of Texas



• In our “Best of 2003” issue, the name of a bartender at the Torch was wrong. It is Brian Naehritz.

• In our Oct. 1 issue, in a story about the cutting of trees for a parking lot, the title of Joni Mitchell’s song “Big Yellow Taxi” was incorrect.

Fort Worth Weekly regrets the errors.

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