Letters: Wednesday, September 3, 2003
Webbing Fort Worth

To the editor: I recently read HearSay’s enthusiastic words from the July 30, 2003, issue (“Local Web Radio ... Now!”) pertaining to the Michael Reichert Show. It’s true that there are many great bands out of the DFW area, yet most attention seems to be focused on Dallas, leaving my neighbors from the place “where the west begins” out in the dust. The web site mentioned in the HearSay article is devoted completely to local musicians. As a matter of fact, I’ve disallowed airplay of any band that’s been signed to any “major” record label. The decision-makers had put that rule into place long before I ever sat my non-broadcast-degreed self in front of a microphone. I’m proud to be a part of it, and I’ll stay there as long they’ll have me.

Musicians.net studios are in Dallas, so I’ve noticed the local music is primarily Dallas music. No offense, Dallas bands, I play your stuff with honest enthusiasm as much as possible. However, Fort Worth is my home, and recently I’ve developed relations with quite a few others who feel that our home deserves a bit of the music industry’s (internet-related) spotlight as well.

My producer, my sound tech, and I have come up with a sort of game plan — I’ll refer to it as Operation 107 (a reference to the 76107 zip code encompassing a few of the bars that promote Fort Worth’s local artists). This operation is in place with the sole purpose of focusing on exposure of our fellow Fort Worth musicians. The desired effect is not to steal the spotlight from Dallas’ music scene, only to redirect some of the beams our way. Who knows, soon the shadowed gap could be completely bridged, merging Dallas and Fort Worth as they should be, setting the standards in producing Texas’ finest artists ever.

By the way, thank you, HearSay, for the kind words.

Michael Reichert


Fight the Dump

To the editor: Excellent article on exposing Becky Haskin for what she is (“Over-Wrought,” Aug. 6, 2003). You could spend the rest of your career writing stories on Becky. I’m surprised you haven’t jumped on the dump she is trying to have placed in the business district of East Fort Worth at 6500 Bridge Street. She and Joe Epps, president of the Woodhaven Development Corp., are the major proponents for putting this dump at the proposed location. We have been fighting to have this proposal shot down and have at least forced the city to form an ad hoc committee to look at alternative sites. She has to be crazy to try to put this facility in next to Luby’s Cafeteria and a dental office. What does she have to gain by trying to get the city to pay $320,000 for a piece of property that is appraised at $123,500 by the Tarrant Appraisal District?

Thanks again and keep her under the microscope.

Jim Narey

Fort Worth

Anti-Gay Ad

To the editor: I am vaguely familiar with this unwritten law in the newspaper industry that allows editorial and advertising to look at one another with unrestricted disdain, but was appalled to peruse this week’s edition of the paper only to find an advertisement encouraging readers to join in an openly anti-gay protest at The Ballpark in Arlington. This is a textbook example of an oxymoron — an “alternative” paper allowing such a conservative platform to spend their almighty advertising dollar. I would say that for once, the term sell-out applies wholeheartedly.

Being a heterosexual female, this issue is one that has no bearing in my life except for the fact that by taking the advertising dollars of such a hateful organization, the paper is lending its hand in breeding more intolerance in an already intolerant city. Fort Worth Weekly, are you that hard up to keep the bills paid?

I am sad to see your publication come to this entirely new low. I have always overlooked the adult section in the back of the paper because it was kept in its own section and could be easily overlooked if one wasn’t interested, but now maybe you should just raise the adult rates and allow them prime real estate in the front of the paper with your anti-gay advertising section!

Lisa Bailey

Fort Worth

Tune Out the Loud

To the editor: Sometimes I do wish loud drunks didn’t bother going to quiet acoustic shows, or staying for them (HearSay, Aug. 27, 2003). But what if no live musician ever had to perform without some type of distraction? That’d be too easy. They’d never learn to tune out the world and just play.

Amanda Hand

Fort Worth

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