Hearsay: Wednesday, September 3, 2003
Drop that C.D.!

Happens all the time in clubs — a musician hears HearSay babbling on about local music, and he interjects himself into the conversation: “Hey, I’m in a local band, too! Lemme go get you a c.d.” And then he vacates the club and returns with a three-song e.p. wrapped in a bar napkin. Great. But this isn’t the worst part. It’s when you talk to the guy for a few seconds and realize that he’s from Denton. Or Dallas. Or, I dunno, Joshua. The first thing HearSay tells the guy is, hey, no matter how accomplished your disc is, it’s not gonna get any ink — we’re all about Fort Worth/Tarrant County bands here. (Where the fuck’s Zac Crain when you need him?) The second thing is that, hey, I’ll listen to it, for sure, but I can’t promise you anything. And the last thing HearSay says, of course, is, hey, now buy me a beer.

It’s not often that a Fort Worth/Tarrant County musician materializes in front of HearSay with a c.d. in hand, let alone a decent disc. Your writer’s been here for a while and is pretty sure 90 percent of the good bands in town have been covered in either this column or somewhere else in the paper. Being approached by a local musician last weekend who not only (indirectly) revealed to HearSay the fact that there are worlds of local music that the Weekly hasn’t touched but that not every local musician reads this rag was one helluva eye-opener. And to think it took this long for imperious HearSay to be confronted with its blatant ignorance.

The guy in question was a friend of a neighbor’s at HearSay’s old S. Bellaire abode. The three of us got to chatting one night, and — bada-bing, bada-boom — the friend said he was in a band, yada yada. HearSay went home that evening with a “sampler,” a mix c.d. by the guy’s two local metal bands, Eerie Ln. and Ecto-1. “Well,” your writer said to itself, “at least they’re local.”

The big surprise was not only that they were local, but that both bands were pretty fucking decent. The sound is metal — big, bruising, ball-busting, goth metal, the way Samhain and Type O Negative know it. Quick time-signature changes, fire-breathing vocals, snappy snare beats, lyrics about, you know, “dark” stuff, and — believe it or not — great melodies. Cheesy to the average Wreck Room casualty, sure, but cool to HearSay (and, as you know, “cool to HearSay” is really all that matters).

Who knew? An almost metal “scene” where not everyone is a Garuda or Tendril clone. Like Mama said, “Life is like a ...” yada yada.

Dynamic Duo

Quick-picking guitarist, luthier, and humorist Greg Jackson and multi-instrumentalist (and film historian) Michael Price haven’t played together live in a while. But this Sat., as Jackson & Price, they’ll be at Arlington’s Tanstaafl Pub, 409 N Bowen Rd, to celebrate the release of their latest c.d., Ragged but Right. Yeah, it’s not Garuda, but it’s still ass-kicking, top-shelf musicianship. J&P take the stage at 9pm.

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