Letters: Wednesday, August 27, 2003
Ham, Plates, and Language

To the editor: I am sad to say that many of the writers, Nancy Schaadt in particular, of the Eats column have done a poor job at educating themselves about food and the restaurant industry. Fort Worth Weekly has many readers in Fort Worth as well as the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, many people eat through the words of these “food writers.” A lot of knowledge can be passed on through an article and if the information is incorrect the consequences could hurt local businesses.

Nancy Schaadt recently wrote about one of Fort Worth’s newest restaurants, Zolon (“Mighty Mites,” July 30, 2003). In it, she constantly reminded the reader of the “tapas” and even called Zolon a tapas restaurant. Zolon is the furthest thing from a tapas bar. What they serve is called a la carte. I think maybe she needs to do some research on what exactly a tapas bar is. Yes, America has bastardized the term “tapas,” but education is the key here. If tapas are simply a loose term meaning that small plates of food are served then I guess every place that serves appetizers or half-orders could be considered a tapas bar. “Hey, we’re going to Applebee’s for tapas. Wanna come?”

Further into the article, I am shocked to see the use of the word “fucked.” Being in the restaurant business myself, I know first hand what it means when the kitchen “fucks up.” It is like finding a band-aid in your food or sending out something that is spoiled. Long story short, it means something really bad. I have to say that I felt sympathy for Zolon when Nancy chose that word to describe a dish that was simply delivered to her at an incorrect temperature.

Lastly, reading even further into the article, I noticed that in an attempt to educate the readers about a particular ingredient — Serrano ham — some of the information was wrong. Nancy was correct in that Serrano ham is from Spain, but it is not heavily smoked. In fact, it is not smoked at all. It is a cured meat.

I think that all of the restaurants would feel reassured if the people writing about them knew what they were talking about. After all, it is only their livelihood.

Crystal DeMolet

Fort Worth

Nancy Schaadt replies: Yup, I got sloppy, with language and with descriptions. Jámon Serrano is made from pigs that have dined on acorns and is salted and dried, not smoked. And I do know the difference between half-orders and tapas, the Spanish-originated tradition of small plates of food — even though I mistakenly applied the tapas label to Zolon’s demi-Zs. On the other hand, serving a supposedly hot, deep-fried dish stone cold is not a small error — it’s a biggie. I care about accurate reporting, and I work at being knowledgeable about food. I regret the errors and the sloppy language. But I do write for diners and readers, not for restaurateurs.

Smack Someone Else

To the editor: I do appreciate your recent article concerning RadioShack (“Radio-Smack,” Aug. 13, 2003), however, I do not see the point of mentioning the Ripley Arnold complex that was sold to them by the Fort Worth Housing Authority. That transaction was purely legitimate, and I feel that the FWHA would have sold it to any company that was willing to purchase it because of a policy of making improvements in public housing in Fort Worth based on HUD recommendations. Are you trying to make RadioShack sound like bullies over the purchase of some land? Stick to the subject! There are plenty of corporations making bad decisions and treating their employees unfairly all of the time — write about them as well.

Beth Breeding

Fort Worth

In the Name of God

To the editor: Just wanted to say what a good read your paper is. It’s interesting, entertaining, and informative. Besides, it’s good to line the litter box with.

Your article, “The Fires of Intolerance,” (Aug. 20, 2003) just reinforces my decision to never subscribe to any religious sect or segment. God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Heaven and Hell, good versus evil, right and wrong are all I believe in. I don’t need any pope, priest, or doctrine to tell me what God is about and what he expects us to do. Man throughout the ages has tried to force his beliefs on the rest of us who live in the world. Wars, death, torture, pain, misery, and intolerance have been committed in the name of religion, not God. It disgusts me to no end. I wish God would do something about it, but he still has hope that mankind can find a peaceful solution for the world and its religious crap-filled problems. Good luck.

Keep up the good work and I’ll keep reading.

David Reuss


Vote for the Goat

To the editor: Thanks for the laugh-out-loud article on redistricting (“California Dreamin’,” Aug. 20, 2003). Rick Perry et al are wasting huge amounts of money, and I can’t believe Texas hasn’t yet stood up to yell for a recall.

Willie for Governor!

Amanda Hand

Fort Worth

Setting and Spending

To the editor: Thanks for your article on the bridge railings (“Over-Wrought,” Aug. 6, 2003) here on the East Side. Our councilperson certainly knows how to spend our money. I thought our council’s job was to set public policy. Wish we could find Mr. Picht a house here on the East Side. Let’s ask Becky what landscaping will be done after all this construction. Take a look at it. Thanks for telling the truth of the matter.

Peggy Terrell, President

White Lake Hills Neighborhood Association

Fort Worth


In a recent review of Regal Dime’s latest c.d., Shebonics, it was erroneously reported that the group consisted of two women. The group is actually made up of a woman and a man. Fort Worth Weekly regrets the error.

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