Letters: Wednesday, August 6, 2003
What Price Wal-Mart?

To the editor: I like to stand in long lines to purchase cheap, low quality stuff as much as anyone else (“Lube Job,” July 23, 2003), but I prefer to go to other people’s neighborhood to do it. (Kinda like buying liquor.)

It amazes me that Sarah Walker and Janice Michel, both of whom have set themselves up as neighborhood champions, think that that getting a Wal-Mart is a good thing. Riverside is one of the last real neighborhoods. We have trees, kids riding their bikes and merchants who have been here for years. We all know each other and appreciate the neighborhood for its character and lack of traffic, congestion and concrete sprawl.

Not now. Now we’re going to have “The Wal-Mart.” At what expense? The expense of our neighborhood. Sarah and Janice, you ever heard of selling your soul? Sure you have.

Phyllis W. Allen

Fort Worth

Cart Full of Woe

To the editor: Mayor Mike Moncrief may think the new trashy garbage system isn’t rocket science, but I bet he already has his carts (“Six-Legged Fifth of July,” July 23, 2003). I’ve been calling 817-392-EASY (should be JOKE) since Monday, July 21, and, until just a couple of days ago, got only a very unfriendly busy signal. For the hell of it, I called that number at 4 a.m. expecting to get a recording saying they only accept calls from 7am to 7pm. What did I get? A busy signal! If that was my Grandma’s number, I would have called 911 out of fear that she had fallen and couldn’t get up.

If you can afford internet access, you can always use the “24 hour customer service center database.” Well, you could if it worked! It’s been “down for maintenance” since before I started attempting to use this great timesaver.

Yesterday (July 28) I was thrilled to see that the “24 hour customer service center database” was back online. Imagine my surprise when it didn’t work and reported a “heat API” error. I emailed the Department of Environmental Management, my councilman, and the great wise one Moncrief pleading for help on July 24th. Apparently, replying to a citizen’s email is rocket science.

Cartless and up to his neck in garbage and wasted time, I remain,

Chad Cox

Fort Worth

Full of Love

To the editor: Thank you for the wonderful article about Steve Fromholz (“How Long Is The Road,” July 16, 2003). I am a fan from the Austin days. As he says, it was a wild time, but it was full of love. And the music was phenomenal.

I saw him last year at Bass Hall with Jerry Jeff and Guy Clark. They gave 100 percent. It was a delightful evening. As always, he has a big heart. I’m sure that will help him on the road to recovery.

Pam Harper

Bedford, NY

Buy at Gallery Night

I thought Anthony Mariani’s article (“What the Hell?” July 30, 2003), was generally a fair assessment of the visual arts in Fort Worth. His expansive interviews covered enough ground to get a broad perspective of what goes on with the art community in Fort Worth. I do take exception to the cutline placed under my picture. I never said the Fort Worth Art Dealers Association’s Gallery Night is not a good time to “buy or sell art.” For someone who has been a dealer, advocate, and supporter of artists and the visual arts in Fort Worth for almost 29 years, I found the line to be a seriously mischaracterization of me and of the association. We have worked hard to make the Fall and Spring Gallery Nights enjoyable for the public and successful for the artists, dealers, and merchants.

A paragraph in the article also said that Gallery Night is more of a social event than one geared toward the visual arts. Because those who read the article will most likely attribute that idea to something I said, I feel that William Campbell Contemporary Art, Inc. and the Fort Worth Art Dealers are owed a retraction of that statement. I also hope Mr. Mariani will write an article on the time and money that dealers invest to assure the public that all the events sponsored by FWADA are pleasurable, educational, and enlightening. Gallery Night is a showcase for both established and beginning artists. We want to sell art, and we must sell art to perpetuate our businesses! Gallery Night has proven to be an excellent opportunity to “buy and sell art.” The event has become so successful that viewer may have to look beyond a virtual sea of bodies to get a glimpse of that one work of art that “speaks” to that person. Gallery Night is the appropriate time to act upon that inspiration!

William Campbell

President, Fort Worth Art Dealers


Editor’s note: Mariani’s sentiments regarding Gallery Night were inadvertently attributed to Campbell in the cutline accompanying his picture. Fort Worth Weekly regrets the error.

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