Hearsay: Wednesday, July 30, 2003
Local Web Radio ... Now!

Listening to music all the time recently put HearSay in a mood not unlike what Hugh Hefner must feel, a-hem, “looking” at talented women constantly. The epiphany took the shape and sound of: Sometimes we rock crits just need a frickin’ break, a little silence to ease that rush-hour ride home, to complement — like ketchup to fries — those suicidal thoughts, to allow nature’s cacophonic bustle to reconnect us with our primitive hearts. Continuously popping c.d.’s in and out of the player, in the car or at work, subtly and sinisterly destroys the philosophical line between when music is and when music isn’t. You need a little silence now to be able to appreciate a song later. Or at least that’s HearSay’s thinking.

The good/bad news is that your columnist is back on/off the wagon. All music, most (if not all) the time. HearSay’s glorious return to the, uh, wagon involved listening to a particular radio program on — what else? — the computer. The cryptically named “Michael Reichert Show,” on www.musicians.net, every Monday from 8-10pm, is dedicated to Metroplex rock, with an eye on incorporating more Fort Worth sounds into the mix. “There’s not a whole lot for Fort Worth,” Reichert said during this past Monday’s program. “We should start doing some stuff out in Fort Worth or do some [broadcasting] there.”

C’mon over. The way things are going now (not great), it’s pretty obvious that local musicians still need to realize the importance of self-promotion. They need to understand that sometimes a million bombs need to be dropped to hit one target. Not getting enough folks at your show? Not being approached by enough high-quality booze-floozies? Not selling any bumper stickers? Then send Reichert a c.d. at musicians.net, 1000 Singleton Blvd, Dallas, 75212. Like he regularly says on air, if your record doesn’t suck, you may get on the show (which apparently generates a decent amount of listeners; the chat room is almost always packed). Whatever you do, don’t send your disc here. HearSay sees the wagon rounding the bend.

Local Round-Up

Word on the street is that some TCU “DJ’s” were dogging HearSay on air for something that appeared in this column not too long ago regarding the astronomically overrated, extremely youthful emo band, Eisley. HearSay’s now left trying to decide what aspect of this news is more astounding: that TCU communications majors could actually track HearSay’s occasionally complex sentences, or that said majors would, in a sweaty stroke of store-bought individualism, follow their trucker cap-wearing friends and Rolling Stone editors over the cliff of fashion into the kiddy-pool-sized phenomenon that’s Eisley. And here’s HearSay: stunned by the first fact; heartbroken, but not unexpectedly, by the second. Ah, youth. ... Sad news: Henry Meyer, drummer for Jasper Stone, died with his wife Heather in a car accident last week. Meyer, a local scene stalwart, will be greatly missed.

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