Letters: Wednesday July 23, 2003
Pub, Um, Crawling

To the editor: I enjoy HearSay’s column. Aside from its cranky but lovable opinions, it’s a good place to find out what’s going on — and last week it was the only place (“Local Roundup,” July 9, 2003).

I refer to a band’s sudden and secretive undulation (isn’t this what a snake does?) from the Black Dog to another venue. Play wherever you want for whatever you can get, but why can’t this guy use a telephone? Dumbfounded after reading HearSay, I trashed the flyers that were still up and had to tell some good people they weren’t working last Thursday. Churlish behavior by musicians is often reported, but this is my first experience with it.

The Fort Worth Slam Team, by the way, continues to sharpen its talons and expects to kick some butt next month at the national competition in Chicago. Coach Anthony Douglas confidently predicts “we’re going to bring it all home to Fort Worth.” Donations are still wanted, so if you support this kind of magic, let us know, and we’ll put you in touch. Thanks.

Tad Gaither

The Black Dog Tavern

Fort Worth

Seeing Red in White Settlement

To the editor: I read with great interest Betty Brink’s article “Unsettled in White Settlement” (July 2, 2003) because I was living at 501 N. Las Vegas Trail when the Travellers bought it. I had moved there because I was a little down on my luck and unable to work because of a shoulder injury and two subsequent surgeries. I needed a cheap, safe place to live and Gene Thompson provided it for me. Gene kept the place up and seemed to really care about his residents. All that changed suddenly in June 2002 with a cold letter from one of Rose Carroll’s minions informing me that the property had been sold, instructing me where to send the rent, demanding that I clean up around my “trailer,” and warning me not to be late with my rent payment. I was shocked and surprised. Since my trailer area was always clean and I always paid my rent early, I was also insulted. A call to Gene Thompson informed me that he had sold the place, but he knew of no way to reach the new owners. I now had a P.O. box number for a landlord.

At the time I was living on worker’s compensation and having a hard time making ends meet. I feared I was about to be homeless, through no fault of my own. Sure enough, around July 5 — carefully timed to arrive after everyone paid rent — we all received certified letters telling us that we were being evicted and had 60 days to clear the premises. No reason, no warning, and no way to talk to anyone about it. The letter said the new owners had “other plans” for the park. The only thing that was clear was that I was about to be moving. That I was penniless and had just had surgery made no difference.

I couldn’t lift anything or move anything, and I wound up selling most everything I owned just to pay moving and storage fees so I could get out as the Travellers demanded. These people didn’t care how tough it was for those that they so callously displaced ... as long as their will was done.

Mayor Ouzts personally came by the park, went door to door in the heat, and took the time to talk to us. Then he came back with some telephone numbers and information on where we might receive help. He really did care and proved it with his actions. He made me feel human.

Thank you for your story and for telling it like it was. I didn’t think anyone else cared about us at all. You surprised me.

Dennis William Dullea

Fort Worth

To the editor: I live in White Settlement and I tell you, in the last years it has gotten so bad. Now the question is “What are they going to do about it?” We the people of White Settlement are suffering. I want to tell national news about this. Thanks for putting this in one right step and I hope to see many more.

Terri Williams

White Settlement

To the editor: Please tell me that tongue was firmly in cheek when you wrote that atheism was worse than shoplifting and drug use.

Bill Hutson


To the editor: I echo the sentiments of Mr. Feeler (Letters, July 16, 2003). Those of us who are members of “The Mob” appreciate your efforts to share this with the public. We were disappointed, though, that the group picture of “The Mob” that was taken at our ice cream social was not included in the article.

Ronald A. White, “Mob” member

White Settlement

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