Hearsay: Wednesday, July 09, 2003
Local Round-Up

If you’re looking for troubadour Brad Thompson at the Black Dog Thursday (as rumored), batting clean-up to the Fort Worth poetry slam team fundraiser (which starts at 8:30pm, donations welcome), don’t. He and his original drummer, Rick Stitzel, and original bass player, Aden Bubeck — both of Bertha Coolidge fame — will be holding it down at The Mule. Thompson said he switched venues for promotional reasons: Thursday nights at The Mule have steadily been live music nights; Thursdays at the Black Dog, in Thompson’s opinion, have not been as regular. (Basically, Thompson wanted someplace with a built-in audience. Which makes sense, considering he’s just putting together the show now, with no time to really promote it.) Plus, Thompson said that if he played Thursday at the Dog he wouldn’t have been able to hit the stage until way after the poetry competition ended. Two other dates when Thompson’s playing with the Bertha guys: Friday at the West End (Dallas) and Saturday at My Martini (Arlington). Stitzel, a Chicagoan by way of Fort Worth, only makes a couple of appearances here per year; and that’s typically to play jazz. Catch him — and Bubeck — in a rock setting while you can. ... If you like watching hordes of musicians pull one another’s hair and kick one another in the groin region, then start hitting the Aardvark Wednesday nights: That old Wednesday standby, New Band Night, has now been shelved for Battle of the Bands (in which winners take home neat prizes and grit). Just the thought of watching all those greasy longhairs go at it makes HearSay really glad it’s part of a scene where Darwinism rules. ... Here’s what HearSay has to say about the Saffire Lounge, W Seventh’s newest “live music” venue: A waitress there is a hata. Dig this: HearSay visited the club with some co-workers one night and did some damage. When HearSay asked for a club soda — a frickin’ soda water! — after the tab had already been unceremoniously plopped on the table, the waitress picked the tab back up, disappeared, and then returned with the soda water and a new tab, one with an additional dollar tacked on to the total. After my guests and I did about $50 worth of boozing, we were charged for a frickin’ 8-ounce glass of fizzy water (a drink that, it must be said, was ordered to help HearSay sober up). How’s that for friendly service? More like get-the-fuck-out-and-never-come-back. Graciously, we refused to slash her tip — we figured she was still getting to know the place and, like one of those got-damn honest folks, was just doing her job. Still, it’s the principle, people. Anyway, the musicians who’ve been playing there over the past couple of months — from Chris Hardee of Alan to Collin Herring — have had nothing but good things to say about the Saffire. The vibe is cool, and the sound is good. That the club makes the musicians perform outdoors on its W Seventh St patio is also a plus — the carbon monoxide from speeding cars adds to everybody’s highs. Call 817-336-1096 for more info.

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