Letters: Wednesday,May 29, 2003
A Case That Needs Solving

To the editor: Please continue to write articles on the Carla Walker murder case. It is one that I feel could be solved if the Fort Worth police applied themselves. You have done a good job of bringing some needed publicity to the case. I have read the two articles you wrote back in April 2002 and July 2002 and the recent one (“The DNA That Wasn’t There,” May 8, 2003) in Fort Worth Weekly. It is a case that needs to be solved and closed before all evidence completely disappears. Please continue your good reporting on this case.

Mrs. Elizabeth B. Campbell


Who Died?

To the editor: The guest column by Jennifer Briggs on Glen Garden golf course (“Diamond in Broken Glass,” May 1, 2003) and the neighborhood was very offensive to me. The history of the golf course was probably correct, but the rest was so negative that I wondered who died and made her in charge of all the criticism.

Our neighborhood does not need to be compared with the golf course, for they are very negligent in keeping up the easements, fences, and trash. We have complained to the golf course many times to no avail. And of course we complained to the city’s code compliance people; that, too, was to no avail.

We have a very nice neighborhood, maybe not as rich and affluent as yours, Ms. Briggs, but it is not scarier.

Linda Thom

Fort Worth

Abusive Ruling

To the editor: In 1989 my sister Maranda Bush was murdered by John Bush. His wife, Amy McKay Bush, pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide in Maranda’s death. I do not consider them my parents.

The state had so many chances to protect my sisters and me from John and Amy. I want to thank Judge Jean Hudson Boyd, Assistant District Attorney Sharon McLaughlin, and Detective Tom Lenoir for finally helping us escape from the torture and abuse we suffered in the McKay house. Our only real parents, Joyce and Glenn Bush, have made us safe and protected us from John, Amy, and others since 1995 when John and Amy went to jail. In April of this year Judge Jerome Hennigan committed the equivalent of child abuse when he ordered us to visit Amy (“Unwelcome Visitor,” April 10, 2003). How can Judge Hennigan, who kicked my dad, Glenn Bush, out of the courtroom for trying to protect us, put my sisters and me in danger by ordering us to leave the safety of our home to visit Amy at the Child Protective Services offices? Judge, would you make your grandchildren visit a woman who had served time for helping kill their sister? A court of law heard the facts and ruled in 1995 that it was not in the best interest of the children to even visit John and Amy unless Joyce and Glenn, our parents, supervised the visits. Time hasn’t changed what Amy did. Thank God you weren’t ruling on our case in 1995.

We want to again thank everyone who has protected us, especially Glenn and Joyce Bush. Not Judge Hennigan. And God, thank you for taking care of Maranda.

Amanda, Amber and Sarah Bush

Fort Worth

Awesome Awards

To the editor: Congratulations on a great event Sunday night [Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards]. Fort Worth is blessed with so many outstanding and diverse artists. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of it and for the awesome support of local music.

Daniel Wilkerson (The Waltons)

Fort Worth

The Ardmore Gang

To the editor: We have all been outraged at the criminals who have gotten off because their underhanded attorney used some backdoor tactic. Never mind that their actions were criminal. Never mind that their criminal behavior has caused real harm to someone else. Never mind that others had their own rights denied because of the activity of the criminal.

It’s just amazing how the “Ardmore 53” Democrats (“Nailing the Hammer,” May 22, 2003) continue to behave like criminals covering their tracks. I guess it is because most of them are attorneys (representing themselves this time.) However, this time the criminal behavior of the Ardmore 53 is being tried in the court of public opinion, and the jury looks angry.

The Democrats are crying foul because the DPS requested federal assistance as they tracked down the legislators in their flight from justice. Never mind the Texans across the state who were waiting for funding of crucial services. Never mind the Texans across the state who were waiting on important tort reform. Never mind the Texans across the state who were waiting on tax relief.

Well this time Pete Laney and the Ardmore 53 are representing themselves in the court of public opinion, and there will be no technicalities. Their sentences will be determined at the ballot box. And these former fugitives from justice trying to defend their behavior will finally understand the old axiom, “He who acts as his own attorney has a fool for a client!”

Chris Stevens


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