Hearsay: Wednesday, May 15, 2003
‘The Purse’

Say you’re a big, bona fide rock star: Other than spending your weeknights hobnobbing with other beautiful people and spending your days jet-setting across the country, shopping, yachting, and noshing with, of course, other beautiful people, how would you spend your down time? Fly-skimming the in-ground pool? Uh-uh. Washing your Escalade by hand? No. Playing video games? Maybe. Well, how about ... making more music, but without the worry of, you know, packing houses, selling records, earning income, and all the other things that make making music non-fun.

Making more music is exactly what four members of four powerful Metroplex bands have been doing for the past few months. Doosu guitarist-singer Eric Shutt, Flickerstick drummer Dominic Weir, the Feds bassist Jason Jones, and Red Animal War guitarist Justin Wilson are the Metroplex supergroup Mermaid Purse. The band played the Aardvark last week, and, even though this show was only the outfit’s second gig, the performance didn’t suck; there were actually some people in the crowd who, by virtue of their lip-synching mouths, appeared to be familiar with the material (probably because of an “underground” Mermaid Purse demo that’s been making the rounds recently).

The music was mostly anthemic, mid-tempo Big Rock, with Shutt’s melodies soaring over shifting tectonic plates of sound. Weir proved once again that he’s a drummer of unsurpassed power and showmanship, while bearded Wilson attacked his guitar like a man on Red Bull and coffee with his finger in an electrical socket. The audience was thick with musicians (e.g., Flickerstick frontman Brandin Lea and members of Soviet Space, the Audiophiles, Pretend King, and Camino), and, by the time the band finished its 45-minute set, everyone was pretty buzzed and sated.

No word yet on the Purse’s next gig, but we’ll keep you posted, because, in the words of the late, great 20th century poet Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath’s husband and author of the children’s book, The Mermaid’s Purse: “Call her a fish / Call her a girl / Call her the pearl / Of an oyster fresh / On its pearly dish.” In other words, Mermaid Purse is a group to keep your eye on.


Don’t forget: This weekend will be the Kung-Fu weekend without the Kung Fu. Don’t waste your time and money on “Edgefest,” unless you wanna be surrounded by drunken frat boys and their stupid casual girlfriends, listening to really bad Edge music (a term, of course, that is a redundancy, because all Edge music — save for some of what appears on The Adventure Club — is bad). (And you know what Edge music sounds like: Every song sounds the same, and every lead singer is really upset with his girlfriend/mom/sister/teacher etc.) Support the Tarrant County food bank by hitting Fred Fest this Saturday and Sunday, at Fred’s Café on Currie, and by hitting the 6th or 7th annual Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards, Sunday night, at the Ridglea Theater.

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