Letters: Wednesday, April 24, 2003
Support for McLinden

To the editor: I read your article in the Fort Worth Weekly concerning Steve McLinden (“Booted over Jackboots,” March 27, 2003) and I am outraged. Unfortunately there are too many people in this country who are conservative Republicans, and it’s enough to make a sensible American simply rear up and vomit. I cannot cancel the house subscription to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram because it’s out of my jurisdiction; however, I can choose to not spend money in Arlington, and I would like to let some folks know that I plan on doing just that. Do you have an e-mail address or telephone number for Witt, Lutz, and Hardee? I certainly feel compelled to give them a piece of my mind. I would also like to offer my services as one aspect of entertainment for a benefit for McLinden if he is still out of work and his family is in need — I am a working folksinger.

By the way, I do not support Bush or the invasion of Iraq and I do blame him for the deaths and suffering of our troops and the Iraqi people. He is a murderer for his own and his circles’ greed. George Bush is the new “ugly American,” but the thing that saddens me the most is that he will be elected (rather than appointed) the next time around, so we will have six more years to look for other countries to invade. The people of this country love him so much I expect a proposal in Congress to allow more than two concurrent terms for the presidency. Hey, better yet, why not get the U.S. Supreme Court to appoint him “king” — then we could have our own King George and taxation with representation.

I further believe that patriotism is so much more than simply taking up arms (or telling others to do so) or running around with a flag on your car. All these barroom pseudo-patriots who sit around and swill beer and cheer the war on tv because they don’t have the balls to join and do it themselves — they make me ill. Oh, yes, I am a Christian and a veteran, U.S. Navy to be exact — and a damned proud Democrat too!

My family and I, like (hopefully) all Americans, were horrified and ultimately angered beyond reason at 9/11 and the stinking dastards that pulled it off; however, the old cliché is “two wrongs don’t make a right,” and in my opinion the invasion of Iraq was inappropriate. Going after bin Laden and his group was essential; however, this administration has made no case for Iraq that couldn’t have been made for a dozen or so other countries that do not have resources we desire and whose borders we are not crossing in the name of freedom. As of today no “weapons of mass destruction” have been found in Iraq, but I feel certain they will turn up — even if Bush has to plant them. Considering Iraq, and the thinking of this administration, I can only ask, who’s next? I’m sorry, but Bush is not my hero, I don’t trust him and do not like his foreign policy actions or his lack of positive actions on the home front. I also must add that I feel equally angry at my own party for not challenging him. He has carte blanche, it seems, to do just as he wishes. Cheers — I think.

Michael William Harrison

Haltom City


To the editor: As one of the new owners of the Jubilation, I would like to take this opportunity to respond to the food review of our club by Nancy Schaadt (“Miller Time,” April 3, 2003). We appreciate the review, but found it interesting that a review was done just two months after we took ownership. We have spent a tremendous amount of money to create a warm, inviting, clean, and fun atmosphere for our clientele, both regulars and new.

Ms. Schaadt made the comment that “The Jubilation is a bar that wants to be a restaurant.” This is completely untrue. Our club will provide good food to our customers. We have changed the menu twice, and we are not afraid to change it 50 times to get it right. Our food sales are up 30 percent since we took over in January. We believe customer satisfaction is the only way to stay in business today.

I do appreciate some of the positive comments Ms. Schaadt made about the Jubilation’s atmosphere and wait staff. We do have a great place, which will continue to get better. We did more than add a few ceiling fans to move the smoke around. We installed a smoke evacuation system to recirculate the air every 15 minutes. This investment will cut down the smoky environment so people can enjoy the live music, food, and friendships they develop at the Jubilation.

With a few more changes, and some trial and error, we will continue to provide a great environment in which to spend some time with friends and have some good food while you are there. The Jubilation has been in business since 1979. Obviously, it is doing something right. We want to expand on that and make it more appealing to many more people in our area.

Peter J. O’Brien

North Richland Hill

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To the editor: Lon Burnam sent me the article you did in Fort Worth Weekly on human trafficking (“Traffic Slow-Down,” April 3, 2003). I must say it was to the point, accurate, and brought out so many of the issues. Thanks.

Dolly Warden

Lutz, Fla.

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