Letters: Wednesday, April 10, 2003


To the editor: I don’t know anything about local music. I have no idea if Space Coaster, Peach Truck, Pablo, or any of the other bands Malcolm Mayhew has mentioned recently are from Fort Worth or the moon (Hearsay, March 27, 2003). I am not even certain that the statement he is a great writer is accurate. I do know for sure however, that Malcolm Mayhew is a wonderful kisser. Just thought you should know.

Cynthia Carrera


Freedom for the Press

To the editor: I guess things are the same all over (“Booted Over Jackboots,” March 20, 2003). Here in “liberal” San Francisco, San Francisco Chronicle business and technology columnist Henry Noor was suspended two weeks without pay for notifying his bosses in advance and taking sick leave to participate in anti-war protests. The Chronicle says Noor was suspended not because of his politics, but because he should not have used sick leave to take a day off not related to illness. I’ve never heard of any organization suspending a worker two weeks without pay for “misusing” sick leave. Most companies would just change the leave from sick to vacation time; at the most severe, they would place the employee on unpaid status for the day, not for two weeks. There have been other reports of companies cracking down hard on people who used leave to participate in anti-war protests. So much for free speech, especially at media outlets.

Harrison Chastang

KPOO-FM radio

San Francisco

To the editor: Two questions: In what sense of either word is the Arlington Star-Telegram either credible or objective? And in what way was reporter Steve McLinden’s response to the Young Conservatives extreme? He seems to have described that particular set of little fascists pretty well. In any case, I thank the Star-Telegram for confirming my view of Texas.

Richard Murphy

Iowa City

Freedom of Cartoon

To the editor: You are stupid. I don’t appreciate being called a Nazi just because I support our troops [regarding Ted Rall’s cartoon, March 27, 2003]. You have just lost a reader and I will make sure that anyone I see reading the Fort Worth Weekly will see this comic and hope they will forever stop reading your paper. You really are stupid people for publishing this comic. Screw you. I am now a former reader.

Steven Hopson


Must Have Hit a Nerve

To the editor: I read the article about me by Jennifer Briggs (2nd Thoughts, April 3, 2003) and man, what a hatchet job. Oh well, I guess that is why she is writing in Fort Worth for the Fort Worth Weekly and not some major newspaper. I talked to some of her past “clients” and news outlets and must attest that they were less then impressed. Of course papers like the Weekly harp on the negative and can never get the facts straight like real reporters and real newspapers. We will have a great season, and the fans will be mightily impressed with the NBA talent we will bring to the table. And Jennifer, like your other articles, this article will be forgotten as well. When you are ready to write for a real newspaper and when you become a real reporter, call me.

Mark McClure

CEO, Texas Rim Rockers


Editor’s note: Jennifer Briggs’ work has been honored by the Associated Press and the Dallas-Fort Worth Association of Black Communicators. Her stories have twice been included in Best American Sportswriting. A former sportswriter and columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and Dallas Observer, she has also written for Sports Illustrated and USA Today .

Happy in Haltom

To the editor: I read your piece yesterday on Haltom City (“Will Work for Respect,” April 3, 2003). You did a great job explaining some of the past and ongoing issues in our community. I rarely have an opportunity to tell a journalist that they were unbiased, fair and accurate all in the same article.

In order to make positive changes to the public’s perception of a community, you must first understand how that poor perception originated and avoid making the same mistakes over again. Your article may help us accomplish that. Hopefully, we will continue to improve the public’s perception of Haltom City that will be reflective of the many fine people that live here.

Richard Torres

City Manager, Haltom City

A photo that ran in the April 3, 2003 edition with a Metropolis article (“Traffic Slow-down”) was erroneously identified as Dolly Warden, an activist in the campaign against human trafficking. The picture was of Dolly Worden, who is not involved in the anti-trafficking effort. Fort Worth Weekly regrets the error.

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