Hearsay: Wednesday, January 9, 2003
Fort Worth Supergroup?

HearSay catches a lot of flak for being a big fan of supergroups like UK, Asia, Mr. Big, and David Lee Roth’s backing band. Lots of people ask HearSay, “You on the grass?” — because a) you’d have to be high to admit to liking these bands, and b) the progressive music these acts create goes well with ganja (psychedelic soundscapes expanding the senses; heavy-duty hydro expanding the consciousness). And, no, it’s not “the grass” that makes HearSay giddy every time “Yankee Rose” or “Heat of the Moment” comes through the car speakers. It’s the musculature of the music.

Listening to a “rock” song that didn’t feature a guitar solo and 10 or 12 time signature changes used to make HearSay’s blood boil. It wasn’t until years later, when HearSay learned the art of appreciating subtlety, did your columnist begin to understand why everyone made a fuss over the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and other straight-ahead melodic pop bands. So it is with this mentality that HearSay has begun thinking about a hypothetical rock supergroup made up of Fort Worth-based artists.

Let’s start with the drums. The guy who automatically comes to mind when HearSay thinks skins is Dave Karnes; the jazz master whose résumé also includes stints with alt-rockers Zac Maloy and John Price would make a nice fit in any local rock supergroup. But one criterion for HearSay’s all-pro team is that each band member contribute to the songwriting process. Understanding this, you’d have to give the nod instead to Sub Oslo’s Quincy Holloway (who also doubles as frontman of the Gospel Swingers). Not only is Holloway a gifted jack-of-all-trades, he’s also a helluva musical drummer — which means he doesn’t just keep time, he makes music. If there’s one rock drummer in the Metroplex who could hold down a stage by himself, with only his drums, it’s Holloway. He’s our man.

Bass: HearSay places the wreath ’round the head of bassist-for-hire Jeremy Hull. His depth of knowledge is so vast, and his technique is so refined yet raw that any rock song without his bottom is only half a song. HearSay thinks Hull and Holloway would get along swimmingly.

Guitar: Gotta go with Spoonfed Tribe’s Daniel Katsuk. He’s one of only a few players who perceives his instrument as an extension of his soul. Like all great players, Katsuk not only strums and picks well, he slaps, bangs, chops, and basically beats the hell out of his guitar, every inch of it, to achieve something like transcendental bliss. You can only imagine the magic he’d make within and outside of Holloway and Hull’s grooves.

Lastly, the frontperson. Yeah, a really hot chick would work best, but, considering the dearth of bands fronted by hotties in Cowtown, the aforementioned John Price gets the ribbon. Not only is he an engaging presence, he’s also a soulful crooner. His voice is as unabashed and non-pretentious as he is.

So there you have it: Fort Worth’s first rock supergroup. All we need now is a good band name. Any suggestions?

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