Static: Wednesday, December 19, 2002
Nadine Gets a New Gig ...

Going from big-shot disc jockey on one of the Metroplex’s most popular radio stations to a job dishing up biscuits and gravy to paunchy truckers can wreak havoc on a person’s self-esteem. Nadine Bodett, however, has kept her humor intact over the last year as she fought her way back to the spotlight. Recall that the former KSCS-FM 96.3 radio personality was unceremoniously demoted after being featured in a controversial Fort Worth Weekly story in August 2001 and later surprised listeners by quitting her job on-air in May 2002. Job offers from a couple of other stations fell through and, six months later, she was still hunting for a radio gig. “I’ve just been trying to survive,” she told Static in November. “I even tried waiting tables.”

Lo and behold, it won’t be a hard candy Christmas after all. Alt-country KFWR-FM 95.9 “Radio Ranch” recently snagged Nadine as a production director and plans to give her plenty of on-air work. “She’s a super find,” said operations manager Dave Marcum. “She had been recommended to me as a production possibility. When I heard her on-air stuff I knew she’d be a multi-purpose hire. She just sucks you in on the air, she is so endearing. She will do a Texas Music show or classic country show or some kind of vehicle. She’ll be very visible.”

So, will there be a Nadine and Rebel reunion? Those two women ruled Saturday nights on the old KSCS “5 and Dime Show,” which ended when Nadine quit. Rebel remains at KSCS in a reduced role. “I haven’t talked to Rebel but I’d certainly be interested,” Marcum said. “I thought the show they did was tremendous.”

... We Get an Empty Sock

Every year, Static peeks in its little virtual stocking, hung on a cozy corner of a computer terminal, and looks for three gifts: More time. A pony. And subpoena power. Little things, really. But has Santa ever obliged? Nooooo.

Perhaps a change in tactics is called for. Being neither a beauty contestant nor Mother Teresa, Static doesn’t ask for World Peace or an end to hunger. But maybe the Old Dude could come through with just one simple thing: The Bill of Rights. Not a “Patient’s Bill of Rights” or a “Children’s Bill of Rights.” Just the original one, which seems to have been hijacked right after 9/11/01. When no one was looking — not Congress, not the news media, not the pundits. Everyone apparently had settled down for a long winter’s nap, and no one was stirring, not even a mouse, when some thief-in-a-Bush-suit landed his eight tiny reindeer on the Capitol and sucked it up the chimney.

No doubt, the odds are better this year for the pony than for getting this wish. Pass them hard candies around, Nadine.

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