Letters: Wednesday, November 21, 2002
Wait and See

To the editor: In the midterm elections two particular races stand out to me —the Tim Curry/ Terri Moore and David Dewhurst/ John Sharp contests.

Midterm elections attract more partisan voters. Even though John Sharp was endorsed by so many Republicans during the campaign and he looked like the obvious choice to many people, that did not happen at the polls.

Even though Terri Moore had a reputation as one of the best prosecutors to have ever served us and the fact that Cullen Davis owes his past 25 years of freedom to Tim Curry’s failure to convict him, Curry won.

This was not about putting the best person in for the job, it seems. I am looking forward to seeing some numbers as to how many voters actually voted a straight party ticket.Texas is Republican country. Adolf Hitler could come back from the dead, call himself a Republican, and win here. Kay Granger was a Democrat not too many years ago. If she had not changed parties, she would not be in office today, no matter what her voting record was. Rick Perry was a Democrat as well.

Tim Curry and David Dewhurst among others should be very happy that party affiliation counted more than their capabilities.

Now we are at an apex in history. Since George W. Bush pulled a lot of people into office at all levels of government, we will find out exactly how capable he and his party are at handling this responsibility.

Can the Republicans restore a budget surplus in two years? Can they get the economy as good as it was? Can they spin their failures as not being any of their own faults? Sometimes it is all about perception, folks. Republicans really outdid themselves during the elections, and they have a huge responsibility to live up to.

My guess is that, just like in the campaigns, more time will be spent making excuses for failures than will be spent actually getting the job done for the people.

It is up to the voters to see through the spin and look at the results. If elected officials will not take responsibility for their failures, it is up to the voters to take care of them come the next election.

So many things in our state and our nation have been dismal, and no one takes any responsibility for it. Houston now has a higher air pollution rate than Los Angeles. Corporate fraud laws are so weak that, when the Enron scandal broke, all the talking heads could talk about was how hard it would be to prosecute. I can tell you this: If you give your vote to someone who is in Enron’s back pocket, don’t cry when they walk.

Let’s see now how many people in the corporate scandals actually serve time. Let the results of these next two years guide your vote next election, not the spin that those that fail put on it.

Mike Roberts

Fort Worth

Stockyards Showdown

To the editor: I would like to comment on your recent article “No Love-In” (Static, Nov. 7, 2002), regarding the purchase of the White Elephant Saloon by Tim and Emilie Love. I have worked part-time at the White Elephant for the last six years and have been given the opportunity to continue to work there with Tim and Emilie. The months prior to the actual transition were fraught with uncertainty, rumors, and speculation for all of us. When Tim came to meet with us, most of us were worried about one thing — did we still have a job? Tim laid out the way he wanted things. It was not a time of negotiation or discussion. He was tough and to the point. It’s regrettable that some of the staff reacted with such disgrace. Not only did Mary Crabb call Tim an asshole (as you noted in your article), she yelled at me that I was “kissing his ass.” (I have known Tim & Emilie for a few years, as their waitress when they would come to the White Elephant.) They have run a profitable and exciting business in the Lonesome Dove, and I for one was comfortable with the fact that they could do the same for the White Elephant. I have enjoyed working there, but it is definitely time for a few changes. Tim has great ideas for the Stockyards, and the means to see them to fruition. I wish him the best.

Shay Grannan

Fort Worth

Speaking of Mean

To the editor: Where in the world did you find Kristian Lin? Under a bridge? In a cave? Maybe the hill country? These are the traditional habitats of trolls. Her hatchet job on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was far too mean-spirited to qualify as a critical review. How does she know Chris Columbus isn’t “imaginative enough” to think of ways around expositional dialogue? What a cheap shot! And as far as too much screen time for the kids and not enough for the adult actors, hell, I thought the Harry Potter stories were intended for kids. So what are Ms. Lin’s credentials for reviewing films? Has she ever worked on a film? I think not. Does she have an MFA with an emphasis on critical review? I think not. Does she have a future in journalism? Probably not. Perhaps she might consider a career change as chief copywriter for your consenting adults advertising section, since she seems to relish personal screw jobs.

T. Hudson Shirley

Fort Worth

Editor’s response: Oddly enough, Kristian has an MA in cinema studies from New York University and a BA in English from Rice. He interned at The Village Voice and worked at two other papers, as film and book critic, before coming here. Fort Worth Weekly is proud to publish his erudite and highly readable reviews.


In the Nov. 14, 2002 story “Destroying a Garden to Beautify,” school trustee Elaine Klos’ number of terms was incorrect. She is in her second term.

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