Letters: Wednesday, November 14, 2002
Carswell Outrage

To the editor: I am writing in response to the article you wrote on the lead poisoning of Tom, Randy, and Judy Charles (“Poisoned Lives,” Oct. 17, 2002). I am in utter outrage and want to know how I may be able to help. It is intolerable to think that things like this go on at all, let alone when they involve our country’s government. How the United States government could even begin to justify this abhorrent behavior I don’t know. It sickens me. This is just one more example of how little the real people of this country matter to those in power.

I feel that the authorities deserve to hear from everyone about how such irresponsible and unethical behavior is being viewed by the public. I’d like to get a petition going to assure that the Charles family’s lives will not be destroyed by this terrible situation. Compensation is definitely in order. Those boys’ college funds, the dream house — all of it gone because of one “simple” construction job [at Carswell prison hospital]. Judy Charles will lose her husband, and the boys will lose their father. The last thing they should have to worry about is money. I am so angry, I’d like to channel that into something meaningful for this family.

Libby Dines

Fort Worth

The Favor King?

To the editor: Long before Chad Houston was brutally beaten to death by three wealthy young men over a girl outside a bar near TCU, one of his arrogant assailants bragged, “My father can get me out of anything!” That statement says it all about the district attorney election, that proud father with his power connections to DA Tim Curry and the unremorseful son.

Curry is “insurance for the rich,” if that’s the kind of morals and values they choose to teach their children. Deeply rooted money-backed Curry manipulates selected murder indictments.

Curry ignored the medical examiner’s ruling that Chad’s death was a “homicide.” Chad only had a prosecutor speak for him to the grand jury, and that prosecutor let Chad down twice by not recommending indictment! The grand jury mysteriously did not hear from key witnesses who heard the murderers plan their attack in advance and heard them say, as they fled from the police, that they had to get out of there since they’d just beaten the hell out of Chad in the parking lot.

Curry has made himself unavailable to the Houston family all these years. Curry unconscionably used the Joe T. Garcia’s debate to present his lame excuse for not indicting the murderers and displayed his true character. Chad’s father, Robert Houston, posed a question to Curry about convicted felons working for Curry. Opportunist Curry chose to ignore that question and publicly tormented the already devastated father. The video shows cruel Curry displaying a self-satisfying smiling smirk achieved when he triumphed in gleefully humiliating Chad’s father.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Bud Kennedy spoke up for DA Tim Curry on Channel 13. He said, “Curry doesn’t schmooze to special interests groups.”

Kay Granger campaigned for Curry, held a fundraiser for him in her home, used a telephone bank, and lent her face to one of Curry’s mailings with defamatory, untrue remarks about Terri Moore. It appears there was an exchange of unethical and selective prosecution services between these two elected politicians. Now we have four more years of “Favor King” Tim Curry.

Marilyn Ewell

Fort Worth

Back to the Future

To the editor: That was an interesting article, “Zoomtown,” by Jeff Prince (Oct. 31, 2002). Speculation about what Fort Worth will be like in 50 years and a review of the current issues that will shape it. There is one more element worth remembering: uncertainty. To remind us of that uncertainty, the article could have taken a look back at predictions made 50 years ago and how those predictions have turned out — and then carried those topics forward to new predictions for the next 50 years.

Fifty years ago, who would have guessed that Texas, the epitome of American oil production, would get only third or fourth mention, after Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Alaska, in that regard? Who would have guessed that then-Democratic Texas would send two Republicans to the presidency? Who would have guessed?

David Olson


Lost, Baby

To the editor: Chow, Baby has the correct address for Bayley’s Restaurant but is really far off concerning the location. Bayley’s is in Hurst, quite near the border of Bedford. Euless isn’t anywhere nearby! Maybe it’s time for Fort Worth Weekly to buy a new Mapsco for the Chow, Baby folks. If you’re seeing lots of police cars, are you sure you’re not confusing Bayley’s with someplace on Highway 10?

Bayley’s was recently sold. Hopefully the new owners won’t change one of the best things at Bayley’s, the brunch potatoes. The skin-on hunks are wonderfully seasoned and crisp. The potatoes are definitely distinctive and recommended by lots of Bayley’s fans when talking to newcomers to Bayley’s.

I’m glad Chow, Baby occasionally ventures to the wilds of Northeast Tarrant County. But check with one of the residents of the boonies before returning. We don’t want you confusing the three cities again. With a smile,

Paulette Wagner


Editor’s reply: Chow, Baby is prostrate with remorse over its map misreading, promises to bring a seasoned guide on the next Northeast territories foray, and is even more worried about those Euless officers arresting plate lunches outside their jurisdiction. Fort Worth Weekly regrets the error.

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