Featured Music: Wednesday, September 07, 2005
At the Wreck Room on Fri., Peach Truck Republic helps raise funds for Katrina victims by playing a show in celebration of a new Peach Truck full-length.
Rhythm celebrates the release of its latest full-length, Sat., at Frog Theatre.

Because you begged (all three of you), here’s another disco version of your favorite local music column.

By HearSay

Last week, your columnist commandeered the entire “Music” section to do justice to the info at hand. Same deal this week. I know you’re all probably hoping that stuff stops happening, but you’re just old, afraid of change, and, well, a little senile.

N.O. Help — Just Peach Truck-y

A lotta locals have done their share for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, and the good folks at Cachonga’s are no exception. This Saturday, the Cultural District restaurant is holding a benefit for Coolbone, a popular five-piece jazz outfit from New Orleans that plays just about every type of brass-based music, including swing, marching band jazz, and, yes, something that the boys in the band call “hip-hop jazz.” (In the late 1990s, Coolbone’s national debut full-length, Brass-Hop, was widely regarded as an inspired yet incredibly wack marriage of big band-ish jazz and rap.) As a result of Katrina, three of Coolbone’s members ended up in Addison. Mike Musgrove, Cachonga’s owner, learned of their whereabouts while cruising the web site of legendary KNON/90.1-FM blues DJ Don O. “They’re now here, homeless and hornless,” Musgrove said. “I got their number and called.” Ridglea Music Center is donating instruments, and the night’s proceeds will go specifically toward the Coolbone musicians, who’ll be accompanied by a few local musos. “I figure it’ll put some wind in [Coolbone’s] sails while they’re here at least,” Musgrove said. “Hopefully, it’ll also put them in a position to be a mouthpiece.” The show starts at 9 p.m. and will go on until about midnight. “It’s an opportunity for those of us who may have written checks to the Red Cross to come out and meet the people they’re donating to.” Call Cachonga’s (4255 Camp Bowie Blvd.) for more info: 817-731-9104. ... For the past few weeks, Richard Van Zandt, co-owner with his wife Wesley Hathaway of Ridglea Theater, has been battling pneumonia. There’s still a long road to hoe, considering that — like most denizens of the local music scene — Van Zandt isn’t exactly loaded with cash. A show later in the month at the Ridglea (6025 Camp Bowie Blvd.; 817-738-9500) will try to help raise some funds for the guy. No, Van Zandt didn’t strong-arm a few girly-man bands into performing. A few manly bands actually came up with the idea themselves. “Wesley and Richard have been our friends for five years,” said Jeff Ogle, frontman of metalists Lockjaw and the show’s chief organizer. “If you go to any place in Dallas or Fort Worth, you’re usually treated like crap. At the Ridglea, it’s like going to Grandma’s house.” Once word of the show spread, dozens of metal-ish outfits expressed interest in playing. Ogle had to turn away quite a few. “I took the best bands with the best shows and the best draws,” he said. The action will take place throughout the building — in the lounge upstairs and on the main stage downstairs. Slated to play are LaME, 3/4 Ton, the Aftermath, Necrogazm, Negative 263, A Dying Faith, Halo Down, A Jury of Robots, Before the Fall, Skum Scunge, and several others. ... Since nothing’s better than a night of debauchery for a good cause followed by another night of debauchery for a good cause, be sure to swing by the Ridglea the day after the Van Zandt benefit, when Clay McClinton, son of famed Fort Worth muso Delbert McClinton, plays upstairs all night long. Sons of famous fathers need love, too. ... Rarely does HearSay deign to report on genre bands — y’know, acts or performers whose musicmaking is second in importance to their ideology. (White supremacist punk bands and gospel choirs are two types of genre groups that come to mind.) But local “spiritual” rockers Rhythm are a little different in that — it’s the damnedest thing — they’re good enough to often make my tiny brain forget that they’re proselytizing. Recently signed to Executive Music Group (a label distributed by Warner Music Group’s Lightyear/WEA subsidiary), Rhythm is releasing a full-length next week that has all of the production accoutrements of discs typically attached to names such as U2, Creed, and Beck. Yeah, The Forward Concept is gonna be Moses-parting-the-Red-Sea big. The band performs Saturday at Frog Theatre, 3055 S. University Dr., in Fort Worth. For more info, call 817-924-3764 or visit www.frogtheatre.org. ... Some of y’all think that artists just lie around all day, drinking wine and quoting Derrida, and, on the way to either the restroom or bed, they spill some paint on a few canvases and then wait for the money to pour in. If you must know, artists also watch a lot of tv. Still, you should support them on “Gallery Night.” As in the past 900 years, various locations throughout the Fort and Arlington this Saturday will cover their walls in mostly local visual art, serve boxed wine, and party like it’s 1989. (Sing along: “Everybody dance now!”) No need to worry about drinking and driving this year — and we know you worry. (Eee-yeah, right.) The Fort Worth Arts Consortium, a nonprofit organization devoted to supporting the arts here, is offering free bus transportation. (Can you say, “Double-Dutch Bus”? I knew ya could.) From 4 to 8 p.m., the bus will take revelers from gallery to gallery, including the Firehouse Art Studios and Gallery, Heliotrope, William Campbell Contemporary Art, ArtSpace 111, and Studio 4, among others. A ticket to ride is $10, and all proceeds benefit FWAC’s annual “Experience the Art of Music” show. Please RSVP ASAP to gallerybus@fwaw.net or call 817-832-0983. ... Some of y’all also simply don’t like jazz. You think that jazz musicians just lie around all day, drinking wine and quoting Nietzsche, and, on the way to either the restroom or bed, they breathe into their horns for a few minutes and then wait for the money to pour in. If you must know, jazz musicians also smoke a lot of pot. Still, that’s no reason for the people behind Fort Worth’s third annual Jazz by the Boulevard festival to promote next weekend’s event as “not just for jazz lovers anymore.” Big red flag. If a “jazz” festival is not all about jazz, then you know what it’s gonna be about, right? You got it — pottery. In addition to performances by more than two dozen local and national acts — including Eddie Palmieri, Joe Sample, Regina Carter, and locals Dave and Daver — JBTB is also offering a children’s area, where young’uns and the young at heart can create their own instruments from household objects, paint watercolor murals, and, that’s right, make pots. For more information, go to www.fortworthjazz.com or call the event hotline at 817-763-JAZZ (5299). ... Don’t forget the c.d. release party for Peach Truck Republic’s new full-length, Friday, at the Wreck Room (3208 W. 7th St., FW; 817-348-8303), with Shawn Nelson and the Ramblers. Proceeds will go to Panic Fans For Food, a nonprofit organization that’s sponsoring gigs across the country to help raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Go to www.panicfansforfood.org for more info.

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