Letters: Wednesday, September 26, 2002
Tin Gods, Golden Girls

To the editor: A cover story on an ’80s metal band?(“Tin Gods,” Aug. 29, 2002) And you wonder why the music section is struggling. C’mon — you can do better than this. Oh well, back to talking on my giant cell phone while watching Golden Girls. I hope that show never gets cancelled!

Clay Russell


To the editor: I just wanted to congratulate you on the Aska article (“Tin Gods”). It was a great piece. It’s about time one of the hard rock/heavy metal bands in this area (that isn’t a noize-monger) got some recognition. Aska has worked very hard and deserves some credit for their accomplishments. There are other rock/metal bands around here with top-notch musicians who deserve recognition as well. (Tyr, Tornado Alley, Spittin Jonah, Black Arrow Project are just a few who come to mind.) Perhaps their time will come. Anyway, your article was a breath of fresh air from the humdrum of alternative music and Clear Channel Crap.

David Dillard

Grand Prairie

Not Strange to Her

To the editor: I just wanted to thank Fort Worth Weekly for running “Strangers in their Homeland” (Sept. 5, 2002). I was able to relate to the piece in a number of ways (surprising, since I am Indian American and a Christian). It was very well written and I hope to hear from the author again. I also wanted to add that I heard about the article from a friend and plan on sharing this story with other friends and family members.

Ann Abraham


Would Rotting Veggies Smell Better?

To the editor: I have two questions regarding the meat processing plant report (“Powerless = Polluted,” Sept. 12, 2002). First, how many of those residents complaining about the “offal” stench are vegetarians? And, second, if they can stand to eat it, why can’t they stand to smell it?

Kay Girard

Fort Worth

He’s Hot

To the editor: I am confused by this year’s “Best of the West-O-Plex” awards. Your masthead clearly says “Fort Worth”; the name of your awards clearly implies an orientation toward the western half of the Metroplex; yet your staff overwhelmingly chose winners in the radio categories from stations in Dallas and Plano. Thankfully, the readers were comfortable extolling the greatness of KTCU’s own Janice McCall, without needing to borrow from the East-o-Plex to fill the required column inches. So, kudos to you readers out there! Anyway, perhaps in 2003 you guys should consider working within the advertised scope of the awards. Whether that means choosing among the deserving who work west of the Dallas County line, or instead changing the name of the awards, is of course up to you. Calling it one thing and making it something else, though, sucks.

Chris Bellomy


Fort Worth

Editor’s note: We do try to stay west of the Tarrant County line in making staff choices in the Best Of awards; however, in radio and tv categories, staffers were allowed to choose from North Texas stations that our readers listen to, rather than just those based in Tarrant proper. We note that some of our readers chose Mr. Bellomy as “Hottest Local Celebrity,” as well as making Ms. McCall their favorite in two categories.

So’s He

To the editor: With regards to your high horse slam of The Flying Saucer tribute glass to 9-11 (Static, Sept. 19, 2002), it is curious that your publication had no problem running our ad for the Tribute Glass. You did not question the tastefulness of it then, nor should you be firing shots from your high-handed staff now. America is full of collectors. Our customers loved the glass, which was well executed and which for us is not a profit center. In fact, we lose money on the glass. Your reporter neglected to explain that we do our part for the North Texas Food Bank every year and did not feel sending even more money to New York victims’ groups would be the best use of our resources. The next time your editorial staff decides to set a threshold for your paper’s judgment of good taste, I would consult the people over at your ad staff who gladly print whatever we give them.

Shannon Wynne


Editor’s note: Static should have made it clear that this newspaper ran the ad in question — that’s how Static found out about the glass. We certainly agree that if good taste were a deciding factor, many ads in this paper — and others — would never see the light of day. The editorial and advertising staffs here do not tell each other what to do. What charities Mr. Wynne did or did not contribute to did not seem relevant to the question of taste. We will be happy to pass on his sentiments to our ad staff. His letter was edited with libel laws in mind.

WTC and Greed

To the editor: Establishment to charge $7 for commemorative glass depicting the World Trade Center Towers beginning at 7 p.m. on the day we are memorializing the tragedy in New York! (in re ad, in Sept. 12, 2002 issue). They should be giving it away or at least only requesting a donation for a charity! Despicable, greedy, money-hungry anti-American management!

Carole Copley

Fort Worth

Gratuitous Sales

To the editor: Thanks for the great review of my book. I’ve circulated the online version of the review to all my cohorts in Advocacy, Inc., and sent it to the publisher. A number of the people that have already ordered the book say the reference in the review to “gratuitous sex” is what clinched the sale.

Lanny Priddy


Parking Profits

To the editor: Rather than closing the Tandy Center parking lot and subway, the owners could have started to charge for parking along with the use of the subway. With 3,000 spaces at $3 a day for parking, a conservative guess is that at least $9,000 would be brought in. Add $2 to ride the subway either way and I estimate a profit of about $2.5 million per year.

Would people have paid it? I would have, after looking at the current parking situation which is now a real pain in the ass. Did the owners ever consider this idea? Probably not. Yeah, some people would have bitched about paying for parking and using the subway, but look at the situation now. You have to look and pay for parking where it is available and you risk a ticket if the meter expires. You have to walk in the heat, cold, and rain.

Eric Bingham



Blowfish, the staff choice for best new restaurant in last week’s Best of the West-0-Plex issue, has changed its name. It is now Piranha Killer Sushi.

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