Letters: Wednesday, September 05, 2002
Vexation Continuation

To the editor: I would like to respond to parts of an article titled “Annexation Vexation” from your magazine dated July 11-17, 2002. The article refers to the contents of (purportedly) one or more calls to me from Stephanie Pivec regarding her interest and concerns on the proposed annexation of land in south Tarrant County. Now, since your article appeared, two developments have occurred: The City of Fort Worth is no longer proposing to annex property close to Ms. Pivec, and Ms. Pivec has written an apology to me that was published last week in your magazine.

However, to clear up her allegations I want to state the following: (1) Ms. Pivec and I only had one conversation that lasted about two minutes, and (2) at no time was the subject of legal representation ever mentioned nor were any issues of land ownership or development ever discussed, because (3) she called me only to ask if I knew of the annexation hearing on March 25 and if I was going to attend.

I do want to thank Jeff Prince for being so responsive and courteous once this came to my attention.

Elton Hyder

Fort Worth

Protecting Tom

To the editor: The FWISD election is about who will protect Tom Tocco. Supt. Tocco has swooned a gullible school board and community with his persona of school “hero” and “savior.” He has used this “crusade” to eliminate opposition and entrench his disciples. He has exacted retribution against those who would question or resist his egocentric methods. Using his “personality-driven management style,” he has re-worked and re-structured departments with illogical random, as revealed by the state comptroller’s audit. “Miracle” increases in TAAS scores and passage of the $398 million bond package convinced the school board to raise his salary 100 percent since his arrival. We now have millions being expended yearly in duplicate layers of administrative supervision that has failed to supervise, resulting in the current FBI public corruption investigation. TEA rescinded school ratings due to excessive numbers of special ed. students, “lost” students, and dropouts. Now Tocco is exacting his retribution against the Outdoor Learning Center (“A Lesson in Problem Removal,” Aug. 1, 2002) and the community because individuals of honesty and character have cooperated with federal authorities, and questioned Him! Lynne Manny is a friend and protector of this superintendent.

Steve Watson

Fort Worth

More Political Heat

To the editor: I am actively involved in the politics of Fort Worth and have been frustrated by the community’s and media’s lack of attention on the local races. The local races make an immediate impact in our lives including, roads, police, education, and community.

I just read your cover story on “The D.A.” (Aug. 29, 2002) and I commend you on your attention to the local races in that piece and the earlier piece on “Standing Outside the Light” (Feb. 28, 2002), but I disagree with your assertion that the only hotly contested race is for D.A. The county judge race, which is very similar to the D.A.’s race, also presents a qualified, energetic challenger to the old guard establishment: Brant Martin v. Tom Vandergriff.

Keep up the good work! Let’s look past the good ole boy mentality of Curry and Vandergriff and start paying attention to the energetic qualified candidates such as Terri Moore and Brant Martin.

Natalie Bishop

Fort Worth

Abortion Education

To the editor: Thanks for your article on the lack of abortion training at Texas medical schools. When my friend was a student at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, she had to go to Seattle, Wash., for an elective rotation to learn the procedure. When discussing opt-in or opt-out facets of the medical school curriculum, the Jehovah’s Witness parallel could not be more accurate. I hope that more practitioners will demand the training they need to offer comprehensive care to their clients. Thanks again.

Lizzie Cain Clark


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