Letters: Wednesday, August 8, 2002
That’s the Ticket

To the editor: Dan [McGraw] nailed the way many of us P1 fans feel about The Ticket (“Confessions of a Tickethead,” July 25, 2002). When I explain the station to a non-listener, I describe it as “guy radio.” All sports can become boring, and the Ticket hosts work incredibly hard to entertain the listeners. I have favorite parts of each show that I absolutely cannot miss and have my VCR connected to the home stereo and set to record and not miss a minute. Thanks to Dan McGraw for justifying my fascination.

Rob Moore

TicketHead P1


To the editor: You have to be kidding me. This “article” was horrible! (I listen to the station, by the way.) In the future, feel free to send your love letter directly to the station and don’t subject your readers to your incoherent ramblings.

John Martin


To the editor: I didn’t think anyone could explain it that well. Fantastic job.

John Halbach


P1, Day 1

To the editor: I had never heard of the radio station known as The Ticket until I read your story about it. (I’m an educated woman over 40 and hang out at the left end of the dial.) And I admit I was a little shocked at first. But after just a little thought, I realize that potty-mouth humor and salivating over fine young women is pretty much regular guy territory. I would have been concerned — even offended — by the mean-spirited attention to gay men and women of less-than-perfect physique had you not run photos of the on-air personalities. FUPA? Ee-yeah. Right. And my guy friends assure me that The Ticket is not a favorite of impressionable teenagers who might get the idea that gay-bashing and women-slamming is a cool thing.

Margaret Dittman

Fort Worth

To the editor: Great article. I’m not your typical demographic (female) and yet a devoted P1 since Day One. I stumbled on them by accident (or is it fate?) the very first day they were on the air and have strayed very little since then. The Hardline is probably the hardest to listen to some days, and I’ve learned to turn it off when they go over the top. But I’m always back the next day. Long live The Ticket.

Laura Moore


To the editor: Are you (reporter Dan McGraw) blinded by being a fan or do you not check your facts (“Confessions of a Tickethead,” July 25)? The Ticket, namely the Hardline, has been getting its ass kicked by KYNG. Russ Martin has dominated the afternoon drive. Why don’t you mention that the Ticket’s numbers have steadily declined over the past few years? Once, I too used to listen to the Ticket, but they managed to drive listeners away and the current numbers prove that. Gone are days of the 11.5 ratings — welcome to the 5 share that puts them right behind Russ Martin’s 12 share. One reason the Ticket sucks is because of Corby. I’m willing to bet that there are more people who hate Corby than like him. My proof is in the numbers because Hardline 1999 drew more numbers than the current version. Do some research! If you consider yourself a journalist, find the facts, report the truth. Or, if you want to write a PR piece, announce yourself as an ass-lick crony about to do a fluff hack job.

Steven Pulido

Las Colinas

Dan McGraw responds: The Arbitron numbers we used were from 5 a.m. to 7p.m., for all shows. Ross Martin may top his time slot, but we were taking all the shows on each station and doing the aggregate.

To the editor: When thinking about writing a response to the recent article written about the “success” of the “Ticket,” I gave up putting any real thought into expressing my concerns ... because the thing I love the most about the kind of people who operate this powerful system and their clueless followers is that anything said here won’t matter! It will either be shrugged off as “some dumb bitch who’s probably ugly” or quoted in the morning segment called, “ugly bitches are dumb.” Therefore, I won’t go on about how inappropriate and potentially damaging the material promoted on this radio station is and the profound impact it has on its listeners ... just note that the average age of a man who impregnates a teenage girl is 28, the suicide rate for lesbians and gays is 40 percent, and 8,154 hate crimes were committed in the U.S. in the year 2000. So the next time we catch ourselves wondering why our world is plagued by evil, remember that behind every evil act there is a sexist, racist, or supremacist who has been given the “ticket” to act out against others.

Carrie Crook

Fort Worth

That’s Who

To the editor: Good for Betty! She filed an EEOC complaint (Static, July 18, 2002). Before the management change, she and John Forsythe were responsible for the serious reporting the Weekly became known for. Who the heck is Gail Reeves anyway?

Steve Watson

Fort Worth

Editor’s note: Gayle Reaves is the editor of Fort Worth Weekly.

No-Drug Deal

To the editor: Texans should beware that drug agent Tom Coleman’s dirty deeds in Tulia (“Crack Troops,” Aug. 1, 2002) are getting worldwide attention. Notice is being taken of the curious fact that 46 so-called drug traffickers were arrested without finding a trace of drugs or any of the money and guns that most drug dealers need to stay in business. (See “An Atrocity of Arrests In a Panhandle Town,” International Herald-Tribune (France) http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v02/n1427/a01.html?160. )

How can 46 drug dealers be arrested without finding one speck of drugs? Easy if you’ve got a lying narc who tries to convict people who were hundreds of miles away when the alleged “drug deal” went down. The idea that people have been sent away for what are effectively lifetime terms solely on the word of a lying police officer like Tom Coleman is deranged and despicable. (See “Newly Uncovered Evidence Frees Defendant In Tulia Drug Sting” http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v02/n715/a02.html?160. ) If the Texas justice system does not step forward and free Coleman’s victims soon, the Lone Star State will richly deserve a reputation for being slack-jawed hicks with racism oozing out of every pore. Furthermore the world will know it.

Redford Givens

San Francisco


The role of Herman Earwood, retired head of the Fort Worth school district’s Central Services Department, was inaccurately reported in a story last week by Betty Brink, regarding some questionable construction work done in 1999 on sewage ponds at the district’s Outdoor Learning Center. Earwood said this week that he did not supervise the construction work; his job was to see that environmental laws were carried out.

The story also erroneously said that Earwood took no action when construction workers spread waste sludge on the center’s grounds. In fact, Earwood told his boss, then associate superintendent Eldon Ray, that he was going to report the situation to the Environmental Protection Agency. After that, Earwood said, construction workers re-gathered the sludge and used it to shore up the ponds’ berms, a practice allowed by the EPA. Earwood also was one of the whistleblowers who helped launch the FBI’s ongoing investigation into corrupt construction bidding practices in the district. Fort Worth Weekly regrets the inaccuracies.

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