Chow, Baby: Wednedday, June 13, 2002
Once More to the Lake

For people who are not too stubborn to turn around if they miss an exit, Lauderdale’s Marina is a scant half-hour drive from downtown Fort Worth. For Chow, Baby, who would drive all the way around Eagle Mountain Lake rather than admit error, it takes a bit longer. But this destination is worth the journey, no matter how lengthy.

The marina encompasses the refurbished, under-new-management, revamped-menu’d Bahama Beach Club. The two-story floating restaurant includes several dining areas, a sports bar, and a great outside patio. There Chow, Baby’s lunch date, far from being annoyed over a little tardiness, had discovered the Bahama Banger margarita and was happily whiling away the sunny hours watching all-but-naked bronzed young people zipping around in muscular ski boats. The menu is equally attractive, though any Caribbean connection is in name only: Among the appetizers, Cocoa Beach Calamari ($6.95) is fried calamari, Bermuda Triangle Cheese ($6.95) is fried cheese, Nassau Nachos ($7.95) are nachos, and so forth. But that’s OK. Fried cheese by any other name is just as gooey.

Entrée prices range from chicken-fried steak at $9.95 to a 14-ounce rib eye at $22.95. Chow, Baby’s blackened-chicken Alfredo ($10.95) was rather bland, but stolen bites of fiery yet juicy crawfish étouffée ($11.95) kept the taste buds alert. Burgers, kids’ meals, and a few desserts round out the menu. Chow, Baby’s key lime pie ($3.25) was textured like cheesecake from a Jell-O mix, had a funny fluorescent-green color, and didn’t taste of lime, but was all gone in an instant. Must have been the fresh lake air that gave Chow, Baby such an appetite. Or the Bangers.

Let’s Get Physical

Chow, Baby has seen skinny people on tv, of course, and is vaguely aware of the concepts of diet, exercise, and dressing on the side. So last week, when a friend suggested having a “healthy lunch” in the cultural district, Chow, Baby was not stumped. Fred’s has a terrific portobello-mushroom sandwich, and it goes great with cheese fries. ... No? But they’ll put the ranch on the side ... No? What, then?

Ah yes, the Great Outdoors. The Plano-based chain has a dozen Metroplex locations, including one on Camp Bowie Boulevard just off Seventh Street. And it has really, really good subs. The Wall-o-Menu lists 20-something sandwiches ($2.95-$4.95), made to order, with all the extras a person could dream up. It also has breakfasts, salads, fresh-made soups ($1.95), all-natural ice cream, and marvelous cheesecake ($2.25).

Best of all, mix-and-match sandwich stuffing is permitted. So while Chow, Baby’s slender friend “enjoyed” her turkey and sprouts on wheat, Chow, Baby chowed down on avocado, bacon, black olives, and three kinds of cheese. On a flaky croissant. To work off some of those calories, Chow, Baby had a slice of that cheesecake — as studies have shown, fork lifting is marvelous exercise.

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