Letters: Wednesday, May 09, 2002
Grateful for Marion

To the editor: Today a friend sent me a note saying “How sad. ...”Attached was a link to your article about the demolition of the 7th St theater (“Theater of the Absurd,” April 18). My only response was “who cares?” It was fairly dilapidated and at the core it was an insignificant little building. Don’t get me wrong, I often lament the passing of the three wonderful theaters that once called downtown Fort Worth home, and I would certainly raise my voice if the same fate fell to the Ridglea. But the 7th? It was certainly no art deco gem of movie palace era.

And then to go on about how this might be some big conspiracy traceable to Anne Marion is just ridiculous, and just plain ungrateful. It’s nothing more than biting the hand that feeds your culture, that as a resident of Fort Worth you have such easy access to. Trust me, try moving to a place without extreme wealth and philanthropy and see if it doesn’t help you understand how having that extreme wealth and philanthropy in your hometown affects your quality of life. I’ve done this and I bless the Basses and the Marions every time I visit Cowtown and its magnificent museums for free, no “$10 Metropolitan Museum donation” but for free. Anne Marion has provided enormous support in finances and resources to bring what just could be the most important building of the next 10 years. If she calls in a few favors from city hall, then more power to her. And if you have a problem with that, then I suggest you steer clear of that invite to the Modern’s opening that will undoubtedly be the most fought-over invite to cross your paper’s threshold.

C. Wells

Albuquerque, N.M.

Passion to Preserve

To the editor: Your article was very informative on the fiasco that has befallen Fort Worth’s beloved landmark theater. The ineptitude of city employees and the avarice of a supposed nonprofit organization are shocking. I am thankful that you chose to expose what otherwise would have been ignored. I hope for the sake of the local community and all those with vision and fond memories that the city of Fort Worth and the FPA will see what this theater could and should become. However, I am doubtful given the subservient attitude that the city has shown to the heavy hitters calling the shots for the FPA.

If you could forward my name and email address (rfparr@aol.com) to other individuals who are passionate about saving this theater I would appreciate it. I would like to find out what I could do to ensure that the 7th Street will be around for future generations.

Thanks for your help.

Robert F. Parr

North Richland Hills

Ignoring Evidence

To the editor: I just stopped everything when I saw the cover of Fort Worth Weekly (“Murder & Obsession,” April 25, 2002). I’m still in amazement. Carla Walker was a childhood friend — our families were connected through various activities of the newly growing Western Hills area. Her tragic death is still a vivid memory in the same way the Kennedy assassination sticks with those of my generation. She was such a bright part of the lives of anyone who knew her. The reminder of the incident still invokes shock and realization of lost innocence in our once innocent suburban corner of town. I live in my family home not far from Western Hills High School and remember Carla each time I pass the old bowling alley building or her mother’s home.

Not long ago, her brother told me there was a detective who might one day unfold the events and expose Carla’s murderer. How disgusting it is to read that our police choose to ignore John Terrell and not re-examine evidence utilizing the scientific advances in forensic investigation. I feel, as Mrs. Walker stated, there might never be closure but after all these many years I, for one, would like the truth. Thank you for a bitter reminder of a horrible event from my high school days and for letting us know there is someone who feels he holds the answer to a 28-year mystery.

Rodney Callarman

Fort Worth

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