Hearsay: Wednesday, May 09, 2002
Dream Weaver

So HearSay, continuing its jihad against paying more than $2.50 for a brew, was getting its draft beer on last week at The Moon (to which a colleague had also recently paid a visit —see: “Chow, Baby,” page 27), when it was informed by no less a local music scion than Danny Weaver that a new, up-and-coming band would be performing the next night at the Aardvark, opening for the incomparable John Price. This new band counted among its members Mr. Weaver himself. HearSay contemplated the fishies across the bar in their tank, swimming their blue lives away. It thought, “Danny Weaver owns those.” HearSay then thought about the cuties who regularly pack the Aardvark. “Hey,” HearSay said to itself, “Danny Weaver can buy them a beer — without really spending any money” (not that he’d want to; the guy’s engaged — but I’m just sayin’!). See, Danny Weaver owns both The Moon and the Aardvark. Giving his new band primo marquee space on a weekend night — and in front of everyone’s favorite early-’70s Burt Reynolds stunt double Price — gave HearSay a small batch of the willies: Was Weaver giving his new outfit the gig because, well, he can do that? The peace-loving HearSay, with one eyebrow raised higher than the other, swallowed its skepticism along with one, two, eight more beers. It rubbed its chin pensively till the tab came. SNNNFFFFF! Ahhhhh. It did smell a good piece of dirt for a column.

The next night found HearSay at the Aardvark in its favorite spot, leaning up against the bar, near the gaming machine, waiting patiently for Weaver’s band, The Action, to take the stage. And wouldn’t you know it, the quintet played as if it had been together for years — even though it was put together on a whim only a few months ago. Fudge. No story here except that you’ll probably being seeing and hearing a lot of The Action over the next few months. HearSay will go out on a sturdy limb and say the heart of the band lies in its rhythm section — John Goetz on bass and the Sammy Hagar-lookin’ Mike Derammelaere (a.k.a. “The Voice of Reason”) on drums. Giving the buoyant college rock of The Action some bottom is a big job. While lead guitarist Jim Kisselburg is making his instrument squeal like a pig, and lead singer Joe Rose is doing his Thom Yorke-but-handsomer thing, and Danny Weaver is windmill-strumming his guitar, Goetz and Derammelaere are marking time, steadily and funkily. Toward the end of the show, Rose accidentally kicked Goetz’s plug out, and you would’ve thought the whole world had stopped, the way the music then just floated out into space, nearly rudderless. Thankfully, Goetz plugged back in just in time for the last run, and there went HearSay’s column — “Local Bar Owner’s Band Screws Up Good” — out the window. Curses!

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