Letters: Wednesday, April 18, 2002
Non-Flashing Flesh

To the editor: Great article! (“News Flesh,” April 4, 2002) I have seen some magazines from Europe that carry adult ads, but the pages are held together with a perforated “seal.” That way people can look at them if they want, or they can just flip the whole section at once and not see any offensive material. This also helps parents keep the lid on what the kiddos see. Just a thought.

Karl Poetschke

Fort Worth

Band Battle Beefs

To the editor: As people who have friends that have students at TCU, we were lucky enough to attend the TCU Batttle of the Bands. It was a most enjoyable experience. I believe that your “Judge” did not appreciate what the Program Council’s goals were. To provide an avenue for the TCU students to display their talents to the students of the university, providing food and drink for free. It seemed that the free food and t-shirts were not enough for your donated time. There was no mention of how well run the event was run. Even after the event was moved inside, it went on without a single problem. The soundmen were great. Your comments about the bands were for the most part mean-spirited. These are not full-time musicians. They are kids carrying a heavy academic load while participating in a band. Both of the bands that won deserved to win. Aggressive Christine was one of the most professional-looking, unsigned bands I’ve ever seen. Tiffany Rebstock’s vocals were amazing and her love of performing really showed. You also must have seen a different show than I did. They did not play even one ska song in their set. The only ska songs I heard were on their c.d., which with several other people I purchased. Each song was well written and the crowd responded with cheers. This band has a bright future. Boss Ordinance was also a very good band with catchy feel-good songs. Being from New Mexico is not against the rules. TCU does have students that live outside the DFW area! It’s a shame that being clean cut looking is a bad thing in your eyes. There were good bands mixed in with bad bands, but the students there enjoyed each and every one of the performances. That’s what the show was for. If your “judge” from the Fort Worth Weekly would have spent more time listening and less time outside smoking she might have heard a completely different show than what she did. If you base a group’s score on the band’s name and the silliness of the bass player, maybe you should stop judging battle of the bands. Let’s see if after slamming the kids at TCU, if you have the guts to actually print this.

Richard Taft


To the editor: I don’t know where you were, but I heard some very, very good bands at the TCU battle of the bands. Aggressive Christine definitely rocked. This was the second time I’ve heard them (first time was at the Aardvark for the peace benefit). Sounded like Cindy Lauper? Where did that come from? She’s one of the most talented female leads around. I liked them so much I got their c.d. and t-shirt. Boss Ordinance and Voigt both put on good shows. Some of the best bands around come out of TCU, remember the Toadies got second when they played here, and these are no exceptions. Get a life!

Harold Hessmen

Fort Worth

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