Hearsay: Wednesday, April 18, 2002
Ready For The World

For the past six weeks or so, HearSay has spent every Thursday evening at Wendell Nelson’s line-dancing lessons at Billy Bob’s, mostly because the lessons are free (partially because HearSay is desperately trying to learn techniques that will get it closer to the opposite sex), but also so that when Bowling For Soup’s latest disc, Drunk Enough to Dance, dropped in mid-April, HearSay could imbibe numerous adult beverages and be the life of the party as it cut a rug that rivaled that of the great Michael Flatley.

But it seems HearSay has been duped again as the band has delayed release of its c.d. until early July. Lead singer Jaret Von Erich says the delay comes as little surprise.

“If everything had fallen perfectly into place, we would have been able to release the disc in April or May,” he says. “But we are doing a tour of the U.K.,” where things are a-happening for the band, “so we are going to release the disc there first.”

Following the disc’s release, Bowling For Soup will travel these great American highways and byways for a couple of years. Unfortunately, by the time the disc is released and the band’s tour swings through town, HearSay will have already taken its dance moves to the only place appreciative of such talent: Broadway.

Lunar Jazz

When The Moon first rose on Berry Street a few months back, HearSay was more than a little skeptical. The idea of adding another bar to an already bar-saturated TCU-area market just seemed kind of ridiculous. Plus, the last thing HearSay likes to see in bars is a group of highly intoxicated frat boys. But for some reason or another, The Moon has escaped the wrath of TCU and last week officially claimed one of the few remaining warm spots in HearSay’s otherwise cold heart.

The Moon has officially added a “jazz night” to its weekly calendar, and after the first installment, HearSay is sold. Led by Zac Maloy Band drummer Dave Karns, the drum, sax, and stand-up bass trio fits perfectly in the dimly lit bar.

Moon owner Danny Weaver says that, as much as he would like to, he unfortunately can’t take credit for the idea. “Dave (Karns) came to me and asked if he could do it. Of course I let him, and it really sounds great.”

Although the weekly Wednesday-night event still does not have a steady lineup, Weaver says ex-Circle Theory bassist Jeremy Hull, Soviet Space drummer Jordan Richardson, and a flurry of other local musicians have all expressed their desires to jazz the place up.

“We want to open it up,” Weaver says, “so that (just about anyone) can bring their instruments and be able to play.” With the addition of a full food menu a few weeks back, and now free jazz every Wednesday, The Moon is quickly becoming HearSay’s hangout of choice. Let’s just hope the keg-standers and butt-grabbers in purple and white don’t discover this gem too soon.

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