Letters: Wednesday, November 30, 2005
Letters to the Editor

Crumbling Around Her

To the editor: Regarding the story on the Metroplex Food Bank (“Crumbs in the Cupboard,” Nov. 9, 2005) — wow, what an eye-opener! This is a sad state, when a person receives an $80,000 salary and the place is falling down around her. This sucks. I think CEO Sharon Hogan should be forced to step down immediately.

Sandy Bailey

Fort Worth

Third World at Carswell

To the editor: I just finished reading your very compelling article on the Carswell women’s prison hospital (“Hospital of Horrors,” Oct. 19, 2005). I was stunned, dismayed, and in total disbelief. An independent investigation needs to take place at once.

I’m a registered nurse with over 25 years experience, including at least 15 years working in corrections, mental health, and forensics, and I’ve never heard of such criminal behavior. Is this America or a third-world country?

Chuck Klein

Lee, Fla.

To the editor: Your front-page story “Hospital of Horrors” was written with credible and documented evidence that should serve as a prima facie case for our elected Washington bureaucrats to act on. Folks need to call or write U.S. Sens. Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn and ask them to be the catalysts for an investigation that would get us shed of these “guards” and “doctors” who are preying on inmates during their incarceration at Carswell. The joint has become a killing field, and it’s funded by us, the taxpayers.

The prisoners deserve better than that — the cover-up of our own domestic Abu Ghraib prison system. It needs to be shut down or, at the least, the guards and authority figures there need to be replaced with new, competent employees who aren’t ineffective, misogynistic, and rapist in nature.

Patricia Conley

Fort Worth

More Voices

To the editor: I will remark just on the last sentence of Tracy Everbach’s guest column on media consolidation (“Losing Our Voices,” Nov. 23, 2005): “Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.” It is interesting that owning a press has gotten easier and easier. You have heard of desktop publishing, right? And I have heard that there are four times as many book titles today as there were 10 or 20 years ago.

You suggested that consolidation is reducing opportunities to be heard. It sounds like we are seeing more and more opportunities to get our voice out there. Is there a problem? If there is, is it somewhere else in the reporter-to-reader stream?

David Olson


Loving Tommy’s

To the editor: I totally disagree with your food critic Dan McGraw’s review of my beloved new restaurant (“Strike Three?” Nov. 23, 2005). I put my heart, soul, and money into this space. I spent my time and energy trying to make this a cool burger joint. Many of my customers have loved their experience at my family-owned new Tommy’s Hamburger Grill. We will never be known as a greasy spoon because I enjoy a clean, cool atmosphere.

I am disappointed in the review, especially after we have been voted the “best burger” by the Fort Worth Weekly readers at least six or seven years in the past. This business is my livelihood, and articles like Mr. McGraw’s are not fair, in my opinion. I have also spent money advertising Tommy’s in the Weekly for several years.

I hope possible new customers will still give us a chance. All of our food is hand-made from scratch. Our fries are hand-cut and fabulous.

Kelly A. Smith

Fort Worth

War, Null and Void

To the editor: What people keep forgetting is that the war in Iraq (“2005 Turkey Awards,” Nov. 16, 2005) began over weapons of mass destruction, and none have been found. This makes the reason the war began null and void. We need to bring our troops home. With the reason for going to war now being shown to be false, what else is there to do? Keep fighting a war on terror that mirrors the war on drugs?

Shellye Davis



A restaurant review in the Nov. 23, 2005, edition included incorrect information regarding the Escargot restaurant on West Seventh Street. Escargot is alive and well. Fort Worth Weekly regrets the error.

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