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Last Call: Wednesday, May 04, 2005
Hot Shots
651 S Jennings, FW.

After both Magnolia Station and the 651 Club closed last summer, gay nightlife in Fort Worth wasn’t the same. In fact, it was pretty lame.
The remaining clubs, especially The Corral and Best Friends, did their best to uphold whatever remained of the scene, but they proved no competition for Big D.
“When those two places closed, everybody had to go to Dallas,” said party girl Rochelle. “Everybody was worried about driving 45 minutes and drinking and getting pulled over. A lot of us ended up really not going out anymore and just hanging out at someone’s house.”
But don’t cry for me yet, Argentino. Help is here, in the spot that used to house 651. Taking a cue from nationally renowned “alt-lifestyle” clubs, such as Washington, D.C.’s Back Door Pub and New York City’s The Cock, Fort Worth’s latest entry in the phone book under “Macho Gay Disco” goes by the super-suggestive moniker of Hot Shots.
Based on a recent grand opening party, the club more than lives up to its name — talk about a testosterone-swamped meat market. With all the booming techno, jazzercising muscleheads, and he-she’s, Hot Shots appeared to be one filthy-minded mustachioed cop shy of an entire village of, uh, Village People.
And the place isn’t the only gay-friendly establishment on the rise. While taking in the libations and lotharios at the Hot Shots party, Last Call (who wasn’t bored) decided to ring the bell of Nathan Wilson, a guy who knows a thing or two about clubbing. A native Fort Worthian, Wilson has spent the past two years overseeing his sizzling piece of rump-a-rific real estate in Waco, the popular dance club Trix. This summer, the young’un plans on moving back home, and he hopes to open a Trix in Fort Worth, in the building where Magnolia Station used to be. Two words: drag queens.
“I don’t know if anybody thinks drag in Fort Worth is dead,” Wilson said. “But it’s not going to be.”
Wilson, in case you didn’t know, is the king of drag shows in Waco. He flies in gender-benders from all over the country to perform. Expect more of the same once Trix: Fort Worth gets going.
Oily studs to the left? Really tall, muscular honeys to the right? Fort Worth might soon be able to give Dallas a run for its neatly folded dollar bills.

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