Letters: Wednesday, March 01, 2006
Letters to the Editor

Thanks for ‘Bling, Bang’

To the editor: I read “Bling, Bang, Little Gangstas” (Feb. 15, 2006) and was thoroughly impressed with the quality of Michael Whiteley’s report on the current gang situation in the city. I found it amazingly accurate and sufficiently detailed to give the public an overview of how locals are dealing with the problem. It is also encouraging to see the trend away from youth gang violence, though we are also concerned about the spread of negative hip-hop influences reaching younger and younger audiences. Nevertheless, thanks to organizations like the Men of Umoja and cooperation from Fort Worth Police Chief Ralph Mendoza, we are able to stay somewhat on top of the situation.

There are a thousand stories to tell, but suffice it to say that your article said it all. This is a major community concern, and, as you can see, we have plenty of people who are willing to spring into action to save our kids from gangs and violence.

My thanks go out to Mr. Whiteley for his extensive research behind the scene and to Fort Worth Weekly for highlighting the positive developments. Some people have already written off the hip-hop generation, but I believe they have great potential if steered in the right direction.

Eddie Griffin

Fort Worth

No More for Moore

To the editor: Regarding the letter “Think Twice on Terri” (Feb. 8, 2006): As a former supporter of Terri Moore in her last election bid, I must concur. One of the saddest and most disappointing events in her career was her jump into an already- inflated defense team for Wirt Norris.

I have spent decades working with children, and the harm done by self-gratifying pedophiles is long-term, far-reaching, and almost immeasurable. Many of us who work with our community’s most vulnerable had, indeed, embraced Moore for a change and believed that she was a voice for the abused and under-represented. We were misled, apparently, and the sense of betrayal is deep.

Yes, we know that Norris gave a large contribution to Terri’s last campaign. We know that Terri’s husband “goes back a long time” with Norris. But what of the contributors who supported her in good faith, propped up yard signs for her, and believed that she was honestly presenting herself? What about those with no voice for whom she claimed to advocate? How could she compromise her standards to give sympathy and support to this man described by so many witnesses as an unrepentant and determined child molester? This was simply unacceptable. Unfortunately, this rising star has sold her own political future as well as those of child molestation victims.

It will be difficult to remove the stigma from dancing with the devil. I am not sure whom I will support, but this time it will not be Terri Moore.

Barbara Anne Evans, Ed. D.

Fort Worth

Restart the Heart

To the editor: Staff writer Betty Brink has once again brought us a chronicle of public interest regarding the failures of our education system. In “School for Profit” (Jan. 18, 2006) she hit a home run, with a superlative storytelling of a problem that desperately needs legislative intervention. The article serves as a defibrillator to get a heartbeat in motion to bring the state into compliance and discard programs that make about as much sense as setting a milk bucket under a bull. Our children deserve qualified educators and effective programs.

The political posturing and pandering that permeate these programs have only one objective — allegiance to avarice. Ms. Brink’s investigative reporting will surely be the catalyst for corrective measures to be taken.

Delores Taylor

Fort Worth

Burnam Responds

To the editor: Thanks to Fort Worth Weekly and Dan McGraw for their recent coverage of the Tarrant County Democratic Party chairmanship election. While I continue to disagree with McGraw’s bias against Chair Art Brender, I think the coverage is useful and possibly, in the long run, helpful. On the other hand, the letter printed in your Feb. 22 issue from Shirley Bumbalough is just a public display of her venom toward Brender and myself.

Bumbalough is largely misinformed, misguided, and ... well, never mind. I’m sure she is like many Geiger supporters — well-meaning, recent-vintage party activists but largely without historical, demographic, or practical electoral knowledge. I wish both Bumbalough’s and Geiger’s anger and frustration could have been more productively focused.

Bumbalough is flat wrong about both my conduct at the meeting in Arlington and the private meeting I had with Ms. Geiger. While it is true that at both these meetings and on other occasions I strongly discouraged Geiger from running, the information on Geiger’s web site and in Bumbalough’s e-mails is false. The two of them are wrong on so many counts there is not space to enumerate. It is they who owe me an apology.

State Rep. Lon Burnam

Fort Worth


Due to an editing error, last week’s Last Call column (“Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy,” Feb. 22) reported that a prosecuting attorney for the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission did not appear at an administrative hearing. In fact, he was there. Fort Worth Weekly regrets the error.

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