Letters: Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Birth of a Weekly

To the editor: First off, a hearty congratulations on the 10th anniversary of Fort Worth Weekly. As the founding publisher of the paper and one of the subjects of the anniversary recap, I read the anniversary issue (April 12, 2006) and subsequent letters with some interest.

Mainly, I just wanted to say that the Weekly was born as the Weekly and nothing else. Any other projects and plans I’d worked on as a writer and editor at the Star-Telegram were all left behind the moment the Weekly came together.

FW Weekly (as it was then called) was thrilling because it was a blank slate — a product of the hard work, good reporting, good and bad ideas, late-night insanities, and, yes, even those legendary arguments among a group of people I feel privileged to have worked with.

We were established as an “alternative” to the unexciting, corporate-owned mainstream D/FW media. Beyond that, there was often disagreement about what a Fort Worth alternative should do — the city had never had such an animal. It was a special moment in time, and we were fortunate to have many who supported our efforts and helped us.

To set the record straight as to the Star-Telegram, the moment our news boxes hit the streets of downtown Fort Worth, it was war. Our boxes were stolen (the ones coincidentally on the block of the Star-T building). I believe that the advertiser intimidation efforts by a few of the Dark Lords of the daily are now a matter of record and don’t require rehashing.

I wish the Weekly many more decades of growth and success.

Robert Camuto

Le Rouret, France

Two by Jeff

To the editor: As usual, Jeff Prince has the savvy to get the reader’s attention for any story he writes. In the Weekly’s May 10 issue, he has two such stories (“Get ’Em While They’re Young” and “Senior Freeze-Out”). I particularly liked his Metropolis feature about Jack Lewis, a former mayor of Haltom City. This individual deserves any and all accolades. There are many of us who regularly talk with him about the city and political goings-on because he is so knowledgeable about all facets of city and county government. He has certainly been our benefactor as mayor and to this day crusades for a county senior tax freeze.

Pat Conley

Haltom City

To the editor: So refreshing to read the article “Senior Freeze-Out” by Jeff Prince. Thank you — the response has been uplifting.

The elderly and disabled are tired in body but not in spirit. This is a long, hard way to govern. We have fought for the freedom to vote, but statesmanship in leadership is a better way. Since 2002, many newspapers accounts, debates, petitions, and local election campaigns have come and gone. All over Texas, taxing entities have addressed the issue of limiting taxes on the homesteads of those over 65 years of age and the disabled.

Why? Simply to help our elderly and the disabled to stay in their homes longer. The vast majority of the young and old are in favor of this. It’s not that much money to governments that are talking in the billions when they discuss finance.

To thousands of homeowners in their twilight years, it can be the difference between remaining in their homes a year or two longer and spending the rest of their days in a nursing home. I ask our Tarrant County commissioners: Will you place it on the ballot in November and let all of the voters decide?

Please respond to Jack O. Lewis at 817-838-2116, Dave McElwee at 817-795-2580, or Oscar Garcia 817-975-3214. Thanks in advance for your response.

Jack O. Lewis

Haltom City

Complain to Congress

To the editor: Once again, Fort Worth Weekly’s Betty Brink brings to us in sharp journalistic style the ongoing horrors at the Carswell federal prison hospital (“Taking the Cuffs Off at Carswell,” May 3, 2006). With a retired judge and former staff physician at the Federal Chambers of Horrors demanding reform, the article serves as prima facie evidence of the need for a full congressional investigation to be conducted posthaste. This is nothing short of an all-inclusive violation of the Fourth Amendment. I’d wager some POWs received better treatment than afforded these women inmates.

The warden and medical director need to be fired and charged with civil rights violations. Since these violations occurred on federal property, doesn’t that fall under the FBI’s jurisdiction?

Since it’s our tax dollars that “support” this systematic killing field at Carswell, I urge everyone to write or phone their U.S. senators and demand a long-overdue investigation and bring a Roto-Rooter to get to the depth of the feces!

Dee Taylor

Fort Worth

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