Letters: Wednesday, August 02, 2006
Spankin’ His Baby

To the editor: Thanks for taking the time and space to review our sophomore effort, Tierra Del Gato. (“Listen Up,” July 19, 2006) I’d have preferred a favorable review, naturally, but am grateful for the mention nevertheless.

I would like writer Jeremy Martin to know, not that it matters, that there was never any effort to sound “metal” or “funky.” Where does that come from? Are you sure he listened to the darn thing before he wrote the piece? I don’t mean to sound snippy or hurt, but it is my baby he’s spanking. That’s the price of going public, I suppose.

And I was not trying to win a Scrabble game, either. I just thought it would be interesting to write a song based on words I learned reading a Gore Vidal book. Not sure I succeeded, but that’s the nature of experiment.

Reginald Rueffer


To the editor: Jeremy Martin’s review of the Hochimen’s Tierra del Gato c.d. in your July 19 issue is the rock-crit equivalent of lambasting Robert Mitchum for looking like Annette Funicello. Like or dislike the rekkid, the phrase that pays is “missed the mark.” Where’d you find this guy, at Hot Topic?

Ken Shimamoto

Fort Worth

Words for Art’s Sake

To the editor: Thank you for your continuing coverage of early Texas art (“Lionizing Lone Star Art,” June 28, 2006). Your support is important to those of us who are trying to ensure that these artists and their work play an important part in the cultural heritage and history of the state and are not forgotten.

Professor D. Jack Davis

Director, North Texas Institute for Educators on the Visual Arts

University of North Texas


To the editor: I’d like to thank Jeff Prince for the excellent coverage on early Texas art. It is wonderful that Fort Worth Weekly would devote the space and the time to cover this part of our heritage that is so often neglected and unappreciated. You educated the public on an important subject.

Bill Cheek


Paper Chase

To the editor: Why do we need a paper trail for every vote(“Smoke, Mirrors, Votes,” June 21, 2006)? Because automation isn’t always trustworthy, because people are not always trustworthy. We as Americans deserve the best, and the best electoral process is an honest process backed by physical proof, not friends in high places. You want this country to really be united? Then unite for a paper trail of proof so all the world can once again admire our honesty rather than hate our deceits and cover-ups.

Sharon Chamberlain

Fort Worth

To the editor: Texas must require a true paper trail on all voting machines . It has been proven that there are no computers/software that can not be hacked into and corrupted. Voting is the last right/obligation that keeps us a democracy. We can’t allow it to be messed with by corrupt citizens who want to play God.

Our representative in Congress, Kay Granger, still hasn’t taken up the fight for a paper trail of every vote. We need our representative to co-sponsor H.R. 550 — the Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act. Please, Granger, support the bill.

Carol Cordell

Fort Worth

Burger Pride

To the editor: We are disappointed that you did not enjoy your cheddar burger at our original Tommy’s (Chow, Baby, July 26, 2006). We aim to please and would have gladly remade your burger. We have been serving many happy customers for over 23 years, and we have few unhappy customers. We are proud of our history and of our food.

Kelly, Glenda, and Tommy Smith

Fort Worth

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