Letters: Wednesday, November 15, 2006
Sweet Olive

To the editor: Thanks so much to Jeff Prince for the beautifully crafted and lovingly written story about my mother, Olive Pemberton (“Portrait of an Artist,” Nov. 1, 2006). The photo of her with my aunt, Jan Holmes, is something we’ll all treasure. It was so exciting to see her sweet face looking out from every Fort Worth Weekly box! I can tell she enjoyed talking with Jeff, which is rare since she’s basically very shy.

Bonnie Kittichik

Fort Worth

Livable Equals Bike-able

To the editor: On Saturday, Oct. 28, I rode in the Fort Worth Clean Air Bike Rally to promote alternative transportation. My bike and I arrived at Trinity Park on the Number 2 bus. Hats off to the city’s Environmental Management Department for a great event. With a police escort controlling traffic, we were able to ride on some streets that I ordinarily consider unsafe because of traffic volume and speed. That got me to thinking: A few years ago Fort Worth got a “most livable city” designation. Considering the difficulty I have in navigating this city by bike and public transportation, well ... .

My definition of a “livable city” begins when any 8-year-old child (not to mention a 53-year-old adult) can travel safely by bicycle anywhere he or she wants.

Terry Bradley

Fort Worth

Flags of Controversy

To the editor: In reference to Eric Griffey’s article “UTA,” (Oct. 18, 2006), the big issue on the UTA campus back in April of this year was three students burning Iranian and North Korean flags and effigies? Not the illegal alien rallies that took place during that same month? Our nation’s southern borders are wide open, with millions of illegal Latino aliens pouring into this country. But what’s really important at UTA is whether or not the Vietnamese flag should be displayed in Nedderman Hall? God, give me a break.

I think it’s quite a shame how insensitive UTA is toward its Vietnamese students. It’s only been 30 years (one generation) since the horrific events of the Vietnam war came to an end, with North Vietnam taking over the South and hundreds of thousands of South Vietnamese evacuees fleeing that country. Many of them came to the U.S. during the “Vietnamese boat lift.” It’s not surprising to me at all that the current flag of Vietnam would be controversial if it was hung on the UTA campus.

Christopher C. Black


Diverting a Boom to Water

To the editor: Recently when it was announced that Haltom City was receiving a large check for natural gas drilling, a councilman asked the city manager, “What are we going to do with the unexpected new source of revenue?” His reply: “Set it aside in a separate fund.” All of us know what will happen — it will be spent. Now that is not all bad. But let me suggest an idea: As we need water and gas, use the natural gas revenue to provide water for the future.

In Haltom City alone, millions have been spent in flood control on Fossil Creek, which flows into the Trinity River. Presently, federal tax money is in question for that project. The city manager commented that the Trinity River project in Fort Worth may be a factor in delaying federal funding for the Fossil Creek project. Both cities are clamoring for tax dollars to fund these projects, using “flood control” as a reason, when the real reason is economic development to attract more people and satisfy the property owners nearby.

Our water shortage should have a higher priority than economic development to attract even more people and more revenue. This may be too simple, but consider an additional dam on the Trinity and on Fossil Creek, to store more water for use in dry periods.

Jack O. Lewis

Haltom City

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