Last Call: Wednesday, June 01, 2005
The After Midnight Club
11050 S Pipeline Rd, Euless.

12301 I-30W at Linkcrest, FW.

3s Company and a Sexy Party
Swingin’ Through Town

If you’ve been living anywhere near Tarrant County recently and not in a cave, you’ve probably heard of Cheaters, a reality show in which unfaithful lovers are caught — and filmed — in the act. The program, broadcast Saturdays on the WB (KDAF, Channel 33), was probably just a blip on your average local couch potato’s TiVo until a couple of weeks ago, when news spread that a male Fort Worth Police Department captain had become one of Cheaters’ reluctant subjects. Now while I’m not sure what — if anything — the visual documentation of Cap’s presence in a compromising position says about our cops, I am pretty certain that the mere existence of a tv show in which private citizens’ private sex lives become the world’s business makes all of us look perverted.
It’s all enough to make you think spouse-swapping was invented yesterday.
It wasn’t, and it isn’t out of place in Clubland, either. Just north of Fort Worth, between a couple of exotic dancing establishments (Wet Willie’s, New West), a place called Secrets opened about four months ago, and it caters to “The Lifestyle,” as swapping is referred to in P.C.-speak. A little closer to home, in Euless, there’s a hangout named The After Midnight Club, and it’s been a Mid-Cities “Lifestyle” staple for years.
These joints, according to some insiders, have been doing good business recently — not because more Tarrant County residents are catching the “Lifestyle” wave but primarily because Dallas, once the center of the scene, is changing. To gain entrance to Big D, according to some “Lifestyle” acolytes, you not only need to know the right people, but you also have to drive the right kind of car. Janet, manager of the Dallas-based “Lifestyle” club Jet Set, agrees that the swapping scene in Big D has become too cliquish, too hoity-toity. “I don’t want to name any clubs,” she said. “But I’m not comfortable in them.”
The swinging of the gate away from Dallas has also resulted in a small influx of “Lifestyle” parties here.
Last week, I paid $40 to attend one of these events at someone’s house, not too far from Discount Tire on Camp Bowie Boulevard. As requested, I brought a guest along. (The couple aspect of “The Lifestyle” keeps away the horny frat boys just looking to score.) The host was Ken of 3’s Company and a Sexy Party. “You can do what you want to do,” he said. “We’ve got three different bedrooms, a small dance floor, and all the condoms and juices you need.”
Was Ken’s party Texas’ answer to the Playboy Mansion? Hardly. Was it as good as watching Cinemax late at night for several minutes? Not even close. The goal, according to Ken, is simply for sexually active couples in North Texas — on this side of Big D — to have (sex-free or sex-filled) fun in a clean, safe environment. You’re not going to be turned away for driving a Ford instead of a Mercedes or making $30,000 a year instead of $300,000.
Just because you’re not paying as much as you would at a Dallas club or party, Ken and other Tarrant County “Lifestyle” moguls also want you to know that your privacy is still 100 percent guaranteed — cameras are a huge no-no.

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