Hearsay: Wednesday, August 25, 2004
Manic Monday and Other Stuff

What happened to the weekend? It’s not been occurring when it’s supposed to, that’s for sure. HearSay hasn’t been through a party-hardy Fri-Sat in any of the rock clubs since, well, a long time. But your columnist has lost count of the number of random Wednesdays when unhinged bacchanalia has broken out. Like bam! Same with Thursdays. Even Tuesdays. They’re all fun. Small-town Saturday night, where have you gone? A possible answer lies in Mondays at The Wreck Room, where A-Hummin’ Acoustical Acupuncture holds court on the main stage from about 10 p.m. ‘til close. Talk about a party: lots of booze, lots of “singles” (a.k.a. hotties), and lots of great, Middle-Eastern-ish music. The only comparable off-night is the first Sunday of every month at the Aardvark for the singer-songwriter round-robin, the Acoustic Mafia (Tim Locke, Collin Herring, John Price, and others). Considering the odd placement of these two days in the work week, it’s natural to assume that Cowtowners are saving up their Fridays and Saturdays, taking it easy, to be able to hang on these happenin’ school nights. It’s all a little disorienting but cool. See you next Monday, I guess. ... So have you seen these “alt” alt-publications popping up everywhere? There’s this DowntownFW thing, which folks associated with the Weekly publish and which is really nothing but a bunch of advertorials, and HearSay’s two favorites, Sample Press and The Alternative University Paper. Sample claims it’s devoted to local music, even though the mag’s idea of “local” appears to stretch across about 900 Texas zip codes. Well, what’s it read like? Nothing but (yawn) Q&A’s with “local” artists. As for the alt-university rag, can you say “offensive”? Not to social mores but good got-damn taste. The actual school paper, The Skiff, which is well-done (for a student paper), looks like The New Yorker by comparison. (A recent alt-university story was a Q&A with Mark Cuban, in which the Dallas owner limited himself to monosyllabic responses and grunts.) HearSay’s plainly sorry for any of the people behind these publications who may think that journalism is somehow profitable or that people actually prefer nonsense. Spend one night with Last Call, and you’ll feel differently, maybe even a little hurt. ... Though not a rock ’n’ roll event per se, a reading by W.B. Massey at the Black Dog Tavern Thursday will involve sex, drugs, and a bunch of other good rock ’n’ roll-ish stuff. You can bet your ass that Massey will have a couple of copies of his homemade, handmade, individualized chapbooks on hand for the selling. (Most of them are made of duct tape and the cardboard from beer cases — trés kitschy.) He’ll be spewing his guts out alongside Black Dog’s regular Thursday evening crowd. Should be, um, edutaining. For more info, contact the Black Dog at 817-332-8190. The joint is located at 903 Throckmorton Street.

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