Last Call: Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Free(-wheeling) Enterprise?

Fort Worthian Dean Wilkin, according to a Star-Telegram story last week, is trying to open a strip club in Arlington. As you can imagine, heís having a helluva time. The location of Wilkinís Corral Cabaret in the Great Southwest Industrial Complex, at 112th Street and Randol Mill Road, appears to satisfy Arlingtonís strict criteria for sexually oriented businesses. Itís more than 1,000 feet away from a church, school, residence, or another sexually oriented business. But Arlington has been trying for years to foster a wholesome family environment by keeping sexually oriented businesses out and destroying existing ones. (Exhibit A: Fantasy Ranch, which after years of harassment by the city decided to turn itself into a bar-bar.) Along with city council, Great Southwest and other area businesses are planning to oppose Corral Cabaretís opening. Local pastor Bob Oliver told the Star-T that heís going to encourage his flock to ďreach outĒ to the clientele and workers. (If my experience with church-y types is any indication, then Oliverís heterosexual male congregants will be doing a lot of reaching out, crumpled dollar bills in hand.) Now, the free-enterprise person in me believes that Wilkin has every right to pursue the American Dream so long as he hews to the law of the land. And, naturally, on principal, I applaud his fight ó political zealotry is the scourge of humanity, here, in the Middle East, and in Asia. Basically, everywhere. But I wonder why in the hell heís putting himself through the wringer? Heís probably wasting his time and the cityís. There have to be more hospitable spots in the Metroplex. One last thing. Something that Pastor Bob said has stuck with me. At one point, heís quoted as saying that strip clubs represent a ďhorrible abuse of women.Ē Funny, but couldnít we say the same thing of most fundamentalist organized religions? Tiger City? No biggie, but someone may wanna tell the Fort Worth Convention and Visitors Bureau that Fort Worth is commonly referred to as Panther City, not as may indicate, Tiger City. On the bureauís nightlife page is a rather large image of what is clearly not a panther but another species of big cat. Think orange, black, and white stripes. Not a solid coat of black. Think Tony the Tiger. Not Eldridge Cleaver. Not sure how such an admittedly tiny oversight could have happened. But it may have something to do with the Fort Worth Zoo, a bona fide tourist destination whose home page,, features what appears to be the same image. Still, what makes sense on the zooís homepage doesnít make any sense on a convention centerís, especially when the image is not identified and is on a web page associated with a city thatís associated with a particular type of animal. You may think Iím overreacting, but I live in Fort Worth ó if Iím not nearly constantly defending my city or making sure itís properly portrayed to the rest of the world, then Iím not breathing. Beastro Speaking of the Zoo, next Friday, June 6, is Beastro. Held in the lobby of the administration building, the Zooís inaugural foodfest will feature a live performance by the Gin Blossoms and samples from a bunch of area restaurants, including Lonesome Dove, Piranha Killer Sushi, Reata, Bistro Louise, Hot Chocolate, Texas De Brazil, Eurotazza, Sapristi!, The Classic Cafť, The Melting Pot, H3 Ranch, and more. Tickets are $85 and must be ordered in advance ó no tickets will be sold at the door. Visit the website or call 817-759-7373. Contact Last Call at

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