Letters: Wednesday, June 06, 2007
Votes, Apathy, Money

To the editor: The Tarrant County College chose to build a new campus in the Trinity River bottoms. I thought classrooms were supposed to be high and dry. This project was supposed to be an anchor for downtown revitalization of Fort Worth. Instead, it will be a model for escalating cost overruns in years to come. I do want to thank the TCC trustees for freezing the taxes on the homes of the elderly and disabled (Static, Nov. 1, 2006). The future tax dollars the parents save will hopefully go to their children and grandchildren to help pay for final costs on the flood control project. These types of decisions indicate a shortage of leadership in our local governments, which is revealed in a lack of good candidates in local elections. Maybe the cause is a lack of interest of voters, as indicated by low turnout and in some cases no elections at all. But the United States is still the best place in the world to live. Thank God for America. Jack O. Lewis Haltom City Dark Day for Peace To the editor: It was a dark day for all of us peace activists (“Freedom Fighter,” May 2, 2007), when both the U.S. House and Senate voted to spend $95 billion more for the war in Iraq without any timeline for bringing home the troops. I felt compelled to write. Why isn’t Congress listening? We voted them into office last November with a clear message: End the war in Iraq. Congress has gone against the will of the American public by giving Bush another $95 billion. This translates into more troops dying, more Iraqis being killed, more bloodshed, more anguish, and more hatred — all recruitment tools for al Qaeda. This money could be spent to solve myriad problems we face here in the United States — on the 9th Ward of New Orleans, or the people now homeless in Tornado Alley. When 13,000 more National Guard troops are deployed to Iraq, who will be left to rescue, protect, and rebuild the U.S. victims of this year’s hurricane and tornado season? We are sick and tired of this endless cycle of violence. We want our troops to come home and the international community to help broker a peace process among Iraqis. So do the Iraqis themselves. A majority of the Iraqi Parliament members even called for a timetable for the withdrawal of our troops. I do want to thank U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold, U.S. Rep. Lynn Woolsey, and the entire Out of Iraq Caucus for speaking for the American people in lieu of the “U.S. interests” of Exxon-Mobil, Halliburton, Blackwater, Bechtel, Lockheed-Martin and all the other war profiteers. This war won’t end until our elected officials stop giving President Bush blank checks. God help America! Desiree Fairooz Washington D.C. Oppressing the Brave To the editor: Stephen C. Webster’s article (“Friendly Fire,” May 30, 2007) was a stirring piece of journalism and proves this is no longer “the land of the free and home of the brave” as far as the military bureaucracy is concerned. The Army’s version of why Sgt. Donald Buswell was punished stinks like three-day-old bouillabaisse. Even in the military, freedom of speech shouldn’t be so hampered when someone is just stating facts. This proudly serving G.I. was fired, discredited, and stripped of rank for merely responding to an e-mail? So he has questions about 9/11. The man was in military intelligence, which ought to register him as being knowledgeable, articulate, and qualified to ask those questions. The army acted in an oppressive and pusillanimous manner to discredit Buswell. I salute him for his bravery and service to this country. Teresa Johnson Fort Worth To the editor: Stephen Webster’s story illustrates what’s wrong with the military. How can Sgt. Donald Buswell get demoted, relegated to janitorial status, and then fired for simply answering an e-mail? Using military equipment (purchased by our taxes) for personal correspondence is OK unless it contains a message of dissent. Buswell was asking questions that are on the minds of half the U.S. population regarding 9/11. The real-time conspiracy is currently against Sgt. Buswell by the military hierarchy. Sgt. Buswell earned a Purple Heart. Another medal would be appropriate for bravery, for persevering in this military without benefit of hip boots! Edna Maskell Fort Worth He’s a Riot To the editor: I followed the recent brouhaha about Don Imus and his statement regarding “ho’s” (“The Damage He Did,” April 18, 2007). Now I’m just a po’ dumb Southside lawyer, but I can’t for the life of me understand what all the fuss is about. After all, everybody ’round here knows that “ho” is just a short way of saying “honey.” Basil St. Clair Fort Worth

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