Last Call: Wednesday, June 06, 2007
Mellow Mushroom 3455 Bluebonnet Cir, FW. 817-207-9677.
Don’t be Trippin’

Remember when you were a kid, and you’d be sittin’ there in your living room on some random, lazy, summer Saturday afternoon, watching WWF wrestling or Gunsmoke reruns with your old man, and you’d hear the ring-a-ding-ding of the ice cream truck outside? And you’d go and get your mom, and kick and scream and beg her to give you a dollar? And then you’d go runnin’ out, and you’d see your friends, and they’re, like, coming from everywhere, running as fast as they can to the street corner where the truck was? ’Cause you all never really knew how badly you wanted ice cream until the second you heard that mellifluous ring-a-ding-ding. I’m guessing that from now on I’ll probably get a similar feeling on my way down Bluebonnet Circle past Mellow Mushroom. I think I’m addicted to one of the pizzeria’s specialty cocktails: the Shroom Tea — basically, a Long Island Iced Tea with raspberry liqueur and, in lieu of Coke, Sprite — served tall and with groovy élan. One section of the drink is kinda blue, another kinda green, another kinda red, another kinda yellow, and so on. The whole deal looks like a tiny rainbow in a glass, and there’s no way you can look at it and not be in a good mood. Seriously, dude. Like. No way! But the thing doesn’t just look like something from the DayGlo-hued ’70s of my youth. It sort of tastes like one, too; specifically, a Rocket Pop, a type of popsicle that was supposed to look like a rocket ship — but that really looked like a bar of soap shaved to a dull point at one end — and that was three-tiered: red (strawberry) on top, white (lemon) in the middle, and blue (blueberry) on the bottom. Or was it the other way around? Anyway. The Rocket Pop and the Shroom Tea both rely heavily on the magical tango of sweet and sour. For us folks of drinking age, Mellow Mushroom’s wavy-gravy afternoon delight is like a margarita but instead of a bitter aftertaste, there’s a sweet, refreshing zing. At $7 a pop, you could probably buy a crate of Rocket Pops, but as far as summer drinks go, the Shroom Tea is — like a greasy, slippery hippie protester — hard to beat. Epilogue Mellow Mushroom has a long, narrow, shady patio, and while it’s not the Monte Carlo Grand on the French Riviera, it is a decent place to enjoy a summer libation. A word to the wise, however. Mellow Mushroom, with its trippy-dippy, “Flower Power” décor, is also a family-friendly joint. Kids rule the daylight hours. On a recent Saturday afternoon visit, the children outnumbered the adults by about 10 to 1. As many of our parents and grandparents will willingly admit, there’s not enough alcohol in the world to make the sound of kicking and screaming babies and toddlers any less grating. Where’s the ice-cream dude when you need him? Reminder: Beastro This Weekend Now if there’s one place in Fort Worth where kiddos rule pretty much constantly, it’s the Fort Worth Zoo. But they won’t be anywhere in sight on Friday, ha-HA, when the Zoo holds its inaugural Beastro, a tasting event that features a performance by The Gin Blossoms (they of “Found Out About You” fame) and also food from a bunch of area restaurants, including Piranha Killer Sushi, Lonesome Dove, Texas de Brazil, and others. Proceeds from the $85-per-person admission benefit the Fort Worth Zoo. Tickets won’t be sold at the door — get them online or at the Zoo’s Guest Relations office by today (Wed). Visit or call 817-759-7333. Contact LastCall at

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