Letters: Tuesday, July 03, 2007
Slums and Rigs

To the editor: Joni Mitchell’s “pave paradise, put up a parking lot” aptly describes Mayor Mike’s Fort Worth (“Grove 0, Gas Well 1,” June 27, 2007). Just add “put up a gas rig.”
And, it’s no surprise that we have a housing department that promotes slumlord standards in our inner city neighborhoods “(Shaky Foundation,” June 27, 2007). Betty Brink’s next report could be on those slumlords who force families to live in substandard conditions, and how much they are “helped” by Mayor Mike’s Fort Worth.
Steve Watson
Fort Worth

Keep the Accordions
To the editor: Writer Jimmy Fowler apparently has a hidden agenda for his recent article (“Kraut Rocks,” June 27, 2007) about German restaurants in Fort Worth. His obvious criticism of the Edelweiss German Restaurant is totally without merit. He finds fault with a German restaurant which has “beer steins, lederhosen, and accordion music.” What would he expect, Madonna or Ice-T, or maybe a few bales of hay around the dance floor?
At the Edelweiss German Restaurant on the Weatherford traffic circle, German native Bernd Schnerzinger and his entertainers, servers, and cooks have enjoyed more than 40 years of success in the same location. A new imitation German restaurant on Bluebonnet Circle will have little effect on people who enjoy not only the excellent food, service, and entertainment, but also the unsurpassed ambiance of the Edelweiss.
Some people will do, say, or write anything for a free meal!
Wayne Pricer
Edgecliff Village

Editor’s note: Fort Worth Weekly food writers pay for their meals at places they review, and in most cases restaurant managers do not know when critics are in their establishments. The article in question was not about Edelweiss German Restaurant.

Going Dutch
To the editor: Chow, Baby has excellent taste. Our whole family loves Dutch’s (“Drool Patrol,” June 27, 2007) — the best burgers anywhere in town! The frito pie is also a favorite. Great to see Grady Spears back cookin’ in Cowtown.
We always read Chow, Baby’s reviews — it sure makes it easier than wasting money at bad restaurants. Keep up the good work!
J. Bishop
Fort Worth

To the editor: We love Dutch’s food too, and their onion rings are the best in Fort Worth. We saw Grady Spears cooking them on tv this week and got the recipe. Nice to see how he always makes the rounds and talks to his guests when we eat there.
Always a pleasure reading such a fun column — love ya, Chow, Baby!
J.J. Jackson

Social (In)Sanity
To the editor: My thanks to Eric Griffey and the staff at Fort Worth Weekly for researching, writing, and publishing articles like “Gay Cure” (June 13, 2007). I’m not gay, but I have met plenty of wonderful folks along my path who have been. This type of exposé has got to be kept in the forefront to preserve our social sanity and the rights and acceptance of other humans. The sharp buckle of the Bible belt still swings wildly here. Fort Worth gets better all the time. Have an awesome day!
Joni LaRoux
Fort Worth

To the editor: This is a response to “Gay Cure.” A friend told me about his struggle with his homosexuality. He wanted to change his sexual orientation and went to one of the Christian groups that deal with that subject through prayer and counseling. He didn’t tell me the details, only that he was told that his homosexuality was a spiritual illness that would send him to hell.
He discovered, after a year of this, that his attraction to members of the same sex had not changed one bit. He felt guilty and dirty and became depressed. After two suicide attempts, he went to a psychotherapist who dealt with sexuality issues. He learned to better control his sexuality instead of trying to be something that he was not. He is still gay, but he is in a healthy relationship as opposed to being promiscuous, which could have disastrous consequences.
My friend was made to feel shame and to believe he would not be a Christian if he was gay. What a bunch of bull. I would like to see the failure rate of these organizations. I am sure that they would not tell you, because it is probably something that they don’t want to discuss.
Eric G. Bingham

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