Hearsay: Wednesday, September 1, 2004
Whatís Going On?

Youíve probably heard about the guy in Deep Ellum who was nearly beaten to death outside a club recently. Well, he needs not only your positive thoughts or prayers but also financial help. A 5K run called Race Down Violence starts Thu at 7pm at Lakewood United Church (2443 Abrams Rd, Dallas) to help raise funds for the 44-year-old father of two, David Cunniff. The race is free; donations are accepted. For more information, contact the church at 214-747-6660. ... Now for some ramblings on Dallas, Deep Ellum specifically. Itís a cool enough place, kinda like Austinís Sixth Street, and itís been more than hospitable to HearSay, even though your columnist has heard the stories ó of gun shots fired inside clubs, of fights, of musical equipment stolen, of (shhh!) gangs. In the dozen times HearSayís visited, one thing has always stood out ó the absence of police. Sundance Square, that purported marvel of urban planning, is nearly completely covered in blue, officers on the city payroll and those that are part of the Bass familyís private security firm. (The presence actually isnít as intrusive or buzz-killing as you might think.) But HearSay hasnít visited Deep Ellum in a couple of months. Things are reportedly a little different down there now, since early summer, when complaints of myriad misdemeanors and felonies hit an all-time high. The police are out. Are they doing anything? Thatís another question. Various sources intimate with the scene say no, that the police are there but are sitting on their hands. Leaves us in kind of a pickle, dudnít it? HearSay, not one to give in to fear, believes that thereís nothing wrong with cruising Deep Ellum. Just be careful, as you should be anywhere. ... Kick-ass show announcement: The Me-Thinks, Yeti, and Nebula play the Wreck Room (3208 W 7th St, FW), Sat. The cool part is that after the show, you can surf to the Wreck Room message board, at www.wreckroomfortworth.com, and contemplate the wreckage out loud while intellectually gyrating to a haiku poem posted under ďCarl Package.Ē (Famed Wreck barkeep Carl Pack, perhaps?) ďA leg without toes / Wants to be wrapped in a box / Stinky to the nose.Ē OK, so itís not William Carlos Williams (hell, itís not even Billy Collins), but no one said that Wreck Room personnel care about that sissy shit. Cases in point: The Me-Thinks, Yeti, Nebula. ... To launch the creation of the Freddie King Foundation, to help local blues artists or their estates obtain unpaid royalties, and to celebrate the 70th birthday of the late, legendary bluesman, Kingís daughter Wanda King will be holding two benefit concerts this Fri-Sat, at two locations. Dallasí Deep Ellum Blues (2612 Main St) hosts the show Fri, with The Forever Fabulous Chickenhawks, Jim Suhler, and former members of Freddie Kingís band. Call the club at 214-760-9338 to make recommended reservations. Ronís Deli and Recovery Room (1526 Pennsylvania Av) opens its doors Sat to the same line-up. For more information about the gig there or to make a recommended reservation, contact the club at 817-877-1113.

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