Letters: Wednesday, August 01, 2007
Big Lies, Bigger TVs

To the editor: Thank you for publishing E. R. Bills’ inspiring editorial (“Oh, for a Reality-Based President”) in your July 4 edition. Of all the columns I’ve read decrying the Iraq war and the mistakes of the Bush White House, Bills’ is the most thought-provoking and instructive. The problem of this war is indeed rooted in the pitiful mindset of those who followed Mrs. Keech’s delusional 1956 messages from planet Clarion.
Those Americans who believed Mr. Bush in 2003, and believe him still, are equally deceived and are frankly in need of some type of mental therapy. I have a friend who signed onto this war from the beginning and hasn’t budged. We remain friends in spite of our differences, but I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in his home. He keeps buying larger and larger video screens — 36-inch screens have given way to 60-inch plasma screens, which he erects in nearly every room.
Each unit stays tuned to Fox News, of course. It’s sad, really. It’s as if he has to make the lies he gets on that network appear larger and larger on his wall — in order for them to remain believable.
P.S.: I found this issue in downtown Weatherford at the Café — thanks for bringing the papers to us!
Bill Moore

Steamed Up
To the editor: I was pleased to see a review of Ryan Adams’ latest album (Listen Up, July 11, 2007) in Fort Worth Weekly. As I started reading the review, however, it became abundantly clear that writer Caroline Collier is none too acquainted with Mr. Adams or his music.
For starters, Adams’ first solo album was the fantastic Heartbreaker, released in 2000. And I must dispute the assertion that he had “run out of steam” by the time he released Cold Roses in 2005. Cold Roses and Jacksonville City Nights, also released in 2005, are amazing albums, and the Love is Hell e.p. and Demolition are full of songs that others would kill for. Noel Gallagher, of Oasis, has stated publicly that Adams’ version of “Wonderwall” is better than his own version and has started playing the song live as Adams did on the album.
All of that aside, I do appreciate that y’all covered an artist like Mr. Adams. He’s one of the best.
Hastings Walton
Fort Worth

A Gem on the Lake
To the editor: Our family has lived on Lake Worth for more than 57 years. We share the passion of improving and preserving the lake for future generations. Your article (“Diamond in the Muck,” July 10, 2007) is the most complete, comprehensive, and well-presented work I have seen regarding the history and current status of the lake. Thanks so much for your time and support for this most worthy cause.
Bob and Jennifer Crow
Fort Worth
Corporate Bullies
To the editor: I have to commend Fort Worth Weekly for its repertoire of talented journalists. The stories you cover are exposés in their nature but a necessary service to the public, because without your investigative reporters, we would be uninformed as to the real “rest of the story.”
You guys did particularly well with the “carding granny” episode about Wal-Mart (“Put Down that Beer and Step Away from the Walker,” July 18, 2007) and the store’s intrusive policies aimed at gaining access to people’s driver’s license information. Passing this protocol off as “state law” was wrong, and I admire Ms. Cantrell for challenging it.
It’s a shame that the elderly and handicapped are often victims of corporate bullies, subtle or otherwise. Legislators should look into these practices of obtaining IDs and phone numbers under false pretext and without justification, particularly when cash transactions — not checks — are involved.
Cheryl Payne
Fort Worth

To the editor: Fort Worth Weekly’s Metropolis article, “Put Down that Beer ... ,” was a mild revelation about how so many businesses are engaging in a game of collusion to get personal information and sell it to telemarketers, etc.
I personally know Dee Cantrell, and the Wal-Mart folks who misrepresented themselves as managers and insisted initially that this “carding grandma” syndrome was a “new state law” are lucky Dee didn’t dial 911 for harassment and intimidation of an elderly handicapped person. Dee’s husband used to work for CBS News in Dallas, so she didn’t just fall off the turnip wagon and roll under the wheels. She knows the law and the machinations that some big businesses engage in every day to circumvent actual law and enforce it in variation as their own, totally illegally.
I can say this to Dee — You go, Grandma!
Richard Orton
Fort Worth

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