Letters: Wednesday, October 04, 2007

Ad Litter
To the editor: First, I would like to say thanks to Jeff Prince for highlighting the overwhelming burden that cities face in keeping rights-of-way clear of nuisance signs (“Found: Too Many Signs,” Sept. 26, 2007).
Second, I wanted to share with you an organization that I discovered that works on this topic. At an intersection in Arlington, I discovered their “I am UGLY LITTER” stickers over the face of the original advertising signs. I jotted down the phrase and Googled it when I got home. I then found www.UglyLitter.com.
My thanks to the citizens who are willing to make the extra effort to rid our streets of these signs!
Dustin Henry

Too New to Be the Best
To the editor: I want to take issue with something in Fort Worth Weekly’s recent “Best of 2007” issue (Sept. 19, 2007). As a frequent diner in Fort Worth and an avid reader of the Weekly, I am very disappointed in the “critic’s choice” winner in the sushi category. I believe that Wasabi Sushi, with just a couple of months under its belt, is unworthy of the 2007 award. With all the other sushi restaurants that have opened in the last six months and those that have been in Fort Worth before this mad uproar, there are others more deserving of the honor this year. I would understand if the readers had chosen it, but the critics should have certain criteria that a nominee must meet before receiving the award for the entire year. I hope that in the future, a stricter criterion is followed when choosing the winners.
Mary Kha
Fort Worth

The N’awlins Swindle
To the editor: The Sept. 26 guest column (“No Flood of Money”) reminded me of an article I read in Rolling Stone entitled “The Great Iraq Swindle,” published on Aug. 23, 2007. Both articles tell the story of how private companies have bilked taxpayers of millions of dollars. Both articles tell of misuse and overuse of funds and just plain thievery by corporations. It’s sad that the people of New Orleans have to suffer from evil corporate greed. President Bush continues to privatize war and the rebuilding effort, but it just isn’t working. It’s like a child who continues to touch a hot stove even though he’s been burned many times. How this guy got elected to a second term I’ll never know.
John MacFarlane
Fort Worth

Twisting Arms
To the editor: Peter Gorman’s recent story (“Bullies With Badges,” Sept. 12, 2007) makes it clear that Johnson County qualifies as a Hitlerian regime. Their brand of unrestrained “justice,” dispensed with impunity, is nothing more than a trampling of human rights and guaranteed constitutional protections.
Maybe those responsible for such aggressive policing should be sent to Iraq, where their talent for bullying, intimidation, and sadism apparently would be appreciated. A badge, gun, and uniform are often aphrodisiacs to some in police authority. Texas Atty. Gen. Greg Abbott needs to investigate and possibly shut the jail down if there are not adequate funds and qualified staff to run the system, both for run-of-the-mill prisoners and those with mental or physical challenges.
In reading Gorman’s account, it seems that the pay scale is a contributing factor in the level of civil and jail mistreatment. No one twisted anyone’s arm and made it mandatory to join the police force. These who abuse and torture others need to be made to pay for their crimes.
Pat Conley
Fort Worth

In the Sept. 12 cover story “Bullies With Badges,” the Joshua Police Department was incorrectly named as the agency whose officers took a retired man to jail for having tires at a fire pit on his property. The arresting officer was actually from the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department. Fort Worth Weekly regrets the error.

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