Letters: Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Prison Slavery
To the editor: Betty Brink’s article, “A New Kind of Wage Slave,” (Oct. 17, 2007) speaks volumes about a corrupt federal prison system that is profiting off inmates. As the article pointed out, the Weekly has been doing Carswell exposés since 1999. But to date, Congress has been as slow as wet gunpowder in moving to correct the litany of injustices and abuses being perpetrated on the inmates. The officials seem to have a blanket immunity, since they still run the prison camp as usual. But this scandal is spiraling out of control because Congress is so loath to exercise its power. We voted these folks into office to look after our best interests, not just to collect their paychecks and merely commiserate with those who need their legislative assistance.
Jackie Watkins
Fort Worth

To the editor: “A New Kind of Wage Slave” is a great article. I knew this was going on, but you have enlightened me enough to understand the issues. I will now protest this.
Donna Conroy
Chicago, Ill.

To the editor: I’ve always thought that the reporters for Fort Worth Weekly did a great job in their articles, but I never paid attention to the bylines. However, I just read Betty Brink’s article, “A New Kind Of Wage Slave,” and I must say she did a fantastic job. Thanks for bringing to light what is taking place in Carswell. Keep up the terrific work.
Joe Ralph Martinez
Fort Worth

Charade of State
To the editor: I wanted to thank you and E.R. Bills for his “right-on” guest column in Fort Worth Weekly (“Proud Again?” Oct. 17, 2007). Not only did I enjoy his deDELETEion of the idea of “returning to self” while on vacations, but I also wholeheartedly agree with your deDELETEion of the state of the state, which increasingly causes me unrest. The public seems to go along with this government charade as long as they aren’t inconvenienced too much. Most of them aren’t even registered to vote. Blind faith in the party system has made us blind.
Thanks so much for providing a fresh outlook.
Lynne Dees

Daily Sellout
To the editor: I know this letter is way late, but I wanted to compliment you on your recent cover story, “Censored” (Sept. 26, 2007). It is a shame to witness the daily sellout of the mainstream news media.
Here’s another website for writers who want to get work out there that wouldn’t normally see the light of day: associatedcontent.com.
Terri Rimmer
Fort Worth

Correction and Clarification
A photo caption that ran on page 16 with last week’s cover story (“Seventh Rising”) was incorrect. The structure shown in the top right photo on that page is the Palisades condos. The “now leasing” sign in the foreground refers to an apartment complex that is outside the picture. Fort Worth Weekly regrets the error.

•And, in the Metropolis story for last week’s issue (“Gas-Powered Politics”), Mark Pederson should have been listed as one of the candidates for the District 9 seat on the Fort Worth City Council. The Weekly regrets the omission.

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