Hearsay: Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Local Round-Up

Talk about mobilizing the citizenry. Lovable curmudgeon Tad Gaither of the Black Dog Tavern is doing his share. With help from a local volunteer last weekend, Gaither registered several revelers. (Before you scoff, please “recall” the 2000 presidential election, in which a few dangling chads and some properly greased legislators handed the White House keys to Curious George.) Gaither will be rocking the vote this weekend, too. Arrive with your driver’s license sutured to your chin. Of course, by registering voters in his bohemian enclave, Gaither is tilting the scales in his Democratic party’s favor. But HearSay thinks that you, like lovable Tad, will concede the need to keep Dubya as far away from Pennsylvania Avenue as possible. ... You remember how HearSay was all bent outta shape over the sale of The Moon this summer? Well, heh-heh, boy, were those apprehensions misplaced. The place is as comfortable and lounge-y cool as it’s always been, even though it no longer hosts jazz on Wednesday nights. (That crew, Dave and Daver, have since relocated to — where else? — the Black Dog.) A Moon show this past Friday by local songstress April sounded good and brought in a friendly and talkative if rather subdued crowd. Check for updates on shows at www.themoonbar.com As for major heartbreaker-dreammaker-lovetaker April, she plays this Sat at the Ridglea & Vine Wine Room (6100 Camp Bowie Blvd, FW). For more information, surf to www.aprilsmusic.com. ... Now for a big “welcome home” to good ol’ Kevin Aldridge. The former Brasco frontman and current leader of shoegazing rockers Chatterton has just returned to town after playing a showcase in New York City, at Piano’s. “It went really well,” he said. “We played in front of people who don’t normally listen to the kind of music we play. They liked it. One girl said, ‘I hate this kind of music, but I love this band.’” The bar, according to Aldridge, was no bigger than the Wreck Room but “sounded like Caravan of Dreams.” The show was recorded. Aldridge says that you may see a copy of the gig floating around town, while the band continues work on its first studio project. Try to catch Chatterton sometime early next month. Go to www.chattertonmusic.com for more information. ... HearSay did the unthinkable last week and went and saw (gasp!) a national act, at NOKIA live. You may remember Heart, the awesome ‘70s rock outfit that turned into a cheesy ‘80s group that turned into a nonentity. The show was pretty kick-ass. The band opened with “Bebe le Strange” and then paraded out all of the classics (“Crazy on You,” “Magic Man,” “Barracuda,” etc.). The only problem: The sound system was on Lawrence Welk volume. I mean, it was possible to have a heart-to-heart conversation with a person seven aisles away without once raising your voice. What the fuck’s that all about? C’mon, NOKIA. If you’re gonna drag HearSay all the way out to Grand Prairie to see a fave all-time band, you better make sure HearSay’s ears are ringing on the way home.

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