Hearsay: Friday, September 29, 2004
Acoustical Ascent

A-Hummin’ Acoustical Acupuncture’s Daniel Katsuk is a sly one, I tell ya. The guy tells me that he’s planning something “BIG” in December. Exactly what, he only hints at. The bad news is that around the holidays, Katsuk and Triple-A will be ending their four-year reign over Monday nights at The Wreck Room. Probably the most consistently happenin’ happenin’ in town, Triple-A’s Wreck Mondays draw folks from all different walks of life — and muchos hotties. In other words, dig these groovy times while you still can. Said Katsuk, via e-mail: “We want to make these last three months of Monday nights an unforgettable blowout for everyone that has supported us these past years and move on with a BANG!”

But a little about that last Wreck show, Monday Dec. 27. What we do know for sure is that the event will be tagged a remembrance/c.d.-re-release party. The disc in question is Triple-A’s first, from two years ago, titled oddly enough, Remembrance. “Well,” according to Katsuk, “we have remixed it and added two songs, and it sounds like it was originally intended — BADASS!!!”

What we also know is that during Triple-A’s gradual departure, Katsuk and the boys, beginning Friday Nov. 12, will host a weekly series of impromptu music-slash-poetry events at the Black Dog Tavern under the banner, “An Emotive Poetive.” Every event will be themed; topics include the environment, sexuality, religion-spirituality, creative-destruction, etc. “It will be an ongoing thing,” Katsuk says, “until it is not.” So remembrance/c.d.-re-release party, trippy-hippie stuff at the Black Dog — what else does Daniel-San have up his dashiki sleeve? “There are a lot of things brewing for us,” Katsuk says, faux-conspiratorially. “... It will be big.”

Sweet Transvestite-r

While HearSay’s never seen The Rocky Horror Show, it has seen — numerous times and through many single-ply sheets of toilet paper — The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and lemme tell ya, if there’s a better piece of cinematic buffoonery in existence, I haven’t seen it. Part-glam rock, part-opera, Richard O’Brien’s magnum opus of camp still resonates today. Then again, making fun of religion, sexuality, and recreational drug use probably won’t ever get old. The moral of my story: It’s Halloween time, and HearSay once again implores local club owners and other “progressive” party-throwers to do something to celebrate this most Halloween-y of pop-cult phenoms. Rave Motion Pictures Ridgmar 13 had the right idea last week, when the theater opened its doors to a midnight showing of the flick, all to raise money for a charity committed to helping people affected by the suicide of loved ones. Someone else oughta follow that lead (the film-showing, not the dying), especially since it’s an election year. What better way to motivate people to fight back against Dubya and his morality police than via various visual intimations of wild sex, between men and women, women and women, men and men, and people and monsters?

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