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Online Exclusive: Wednesday, June 11, 2008
Like all social elites, Little Mikey enjoys the good life. Naturally, his first stop was Pop’s Safari Cigar & Fine Wine, where he puffed on Smokin’ Toad and sipped a glass of chardonnay…or three. Slurring his words a bit, he suggested we go slumming and see how the other half lives.
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Little Mikey’s Big Adventure

By Eric Griffey and Jeff Prince

Ever since his election in 2003, Mayor Mike Moncrief rarely if ever speaks to Fort Worth Weekly writers. So when the Fort Worth Cats handed out Moncrief bobble-head dolls earlier this month, we took advantage of the opportunity and convinced Little Mikey to spend some quality time with us. Wanting to make it up to us for all the unreturned phone calls, he took us out for a night on the town. Scroll through the pictures and follow the captions of Little Mikey’s big adventure.

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