Letters: Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Public-School Plutocracy
To the editor: E.R. Bills’ column concerning Polytechnic, Arlington Heights, and Southlake Carroll was accurate in pointing out the shaft that schools like Poly are getting, even compared to Arlington Heights (let alone the plutocratic Carroll).
A little tidbit that most people, even in the FWISD, aren’t aware of: The Presbyterian Night Shelter, which frequently houses students who attend school, is in the Arlington Heights attendance zone. But guess where the students from there are bused to? Yep. You guessed it. Special, huh?
Roy Treadway
Fort Worth

Art Angel Needed
To the editor: Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed Jeff Prince’s article about Ace Cook and his art (“Ace Folds a Hand,” Aug. 20, 2008). In the short time I have known Ace, and in only a few visits with him, I have learned much about early Texas art — enough to whet my interest in building a collection in the coming years. What the theme will be, I do not know. But hearing Ace speak and reading your excellent deDELETEion of how he came to discover the basis for his collection have provided some very useful guidance.
The Tyler exhibition, which I intend to visit at least once more before it moves on, is a magnificent showing of these works — a great setting in which to see them at eye level, in a properly lit space.
I appreciate the fact that you have helped to bring this amazing collection of art to public attention. As a member of the Amon Carter and Kimbell museums, I have discovered that, as good as those institutions are, the Fort Worth fine art collection as a whole is incomplete without somehow including Ace’s collection in an appropriate venue. Let us hope that the angel of which Morris spoke is listening!
Steve Mosher
Fort Worth

King’s Ransom Brings Royal Unease
To the editor: “TCC’s Money Machine” (July 23, 2008) is surely a test for the olfactory detectors. Tarrant County College Chancellor Leonardo de la Garza ought to be replaced. His autocratic ways have polarized the TCC board. As for those board members too cowardly to remove him — do we need a defibrillator to restart your pulse? We cannot allow the chancellor or his puppets to continue sitting on their perches with impunity.
Georgia Ibarra
Fort Worth
To the editor: I picked up Fort Worth Weekly at Albertson’s a few weeks ago, and while Wanda shopped, I read “TCC’s Money Machine” by Betty Brink.
Wow! Keep it up, Betty!
Considering what happened to Arlington school superintendent Hector Montenegro, I would say that TCC Chancellor de la Garza should be uneasy with Betty Brink on the prowl. As in Shakespeare: “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.”
Don Woodard, Sr.
Fort Worth

To the editor: The Weekly and Betty Brink, appropriately, have made Tarrant County College front-page news. TCC board vice president Bobby McGee and trustee Joe Hudson deserve accolades for speaking out about the collusion of other board members in giving de la Garza his king’s ransom of a salary, which he doesn’t deserve, and in failing to provide an open forum for debate.
It’s obvious that de la Garza and his friends’ only interest in the TCC downtown project is getting the taxpayers’ money, come hell or high water. The wasteful spending of our tax money should be reason enough for an in-depth investigation. With more evidence gathered, maybe we can re-install integrity in the TCC board.
Anyone who doesn’t believe there’s a problem here needs more than the help of an ophthalmologist. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.
Elda Torres
Fort Worth

Pay to: Piper
To the editor: E.R. Bills’ column, “Stop or We’ll Pay You” (Aug. 6, 2008) puts the cost of greed in perspective. His deDELETEion of how we are paying our enemies to be “soldiers of fortune,” to the tune of $255 million a year, was truly a wake-up-and-smell-the-coffee moment.
Considering the profligate spending by our government every day, I am in favor of another kind of payment — it’s time for some folks to pay the piper.
Gayle Rogers
Fort Worth

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