Letters: Wednesday, November 05, 2008
De-Signing Lakeside

To the editor: I loved being referred to as a “servant of the people” in Fort Worth Weekly’s “Best of 2008” issue (Sept. 24, 2008). The truth is, I do serve the people, but they don’t know it, and I have to say they mostly don’t even care. Can you imagine a city council that would turn down the volunteer efforts of anyone who would regularly clear the area of “bandit” signs? Because I was twice threatened with arrest for “theft” in the town of Lakeside for picking up illegal signs, I now pick up outside the city limits. And as a result, in Lakeside itself we are slowly looking worse than when I began.
The Weekly does a good job, and I enjoy your efforts and good humor. Thanks for the honor you showed to me and to the thought of clean streets.
Nancy Lindley
“The DE-Signing Woman”

Anger at the Courthouse
To the editor: Dan McGraw’s story of Oct. 15 (“A Violent Mess”) appropriately commented on the ineptness and prosecutorial misconduct that pervades the Tarrant County courthouse, mainly through its big dog, District Attorney Tim Curry.
The Blackmon/Kiley domestic violence case likely had mitigating circumstances, possibly on both sides. However, the DA’s office should have given serious consideration to the threats from Blackmon to his wife that were overheard by the 911 dispatcher, not to mention the note by Blackmon referring to his wife as a “psycho bitch.” That’s clinical anger and ought to have been sufficient premise for the court to order an evaluation and anger management program for him. But then, we all know money talks and bullshit walks.
A “backed-up docket” that attorney Tim Evans talked about is no excuse for dismissing the case. Intervention by the court and counseling are tools that could be used, though no panacea, because violence begets violence, often with deadly consequences.
Teresa Owens
Fort Worth

Expensive Playground
To the editor: Regarding Aubrey McClendon (“Putting on the Green Suit,” Oct. 22, 2008): Are you tired of watching rich guys and gals with more money than they know what to do with jerking the country around? Now you understand why the Obama campaign surged across the country. The “free market” playground for the rich has brought us urban drilling, insane CEO compensation, and economic meltdown.
Steve Watson
Fort Worth
Rescue Us
To the editor: Gwynne Dyer’s guest column “2nd Time as Farce” (Oct. 8, 2008) was informative and well written. I take issue with the government’s bailout of financial institutions being referred to as a “rescue package.” I think of rescue as saving someone from a mountain, fire, flood, etc. and not saving a financial institution.
We taxpayers have been held hostage to this government-sponsored fiasco, profligately handing out our money. Who is going to rescue us?
Amber Frey
Fort Worth

To the editor: Fort Worth Weekly had a good guest column by Gwynne Dyer about the financial bailout. But now the federal reserve is loaning AIG $37.8 billion on top of the loan made to them last month courtesy of the taxpayers.
Sure enough, here came U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, wanting a new federal spending package of $150 billion to “stimulate” the nation’s flagging economy. She’s either snakebit or has been out in the sun too long, thinking that the taxpayers are going to continue to be held hostage to the demands of her and the companies.
Delbert Cantrell
Fort Worth
Pursuing TCCD
To the editor: As a Tarrant County taxpayer and citizen, I want to give Bob Mhoon and Weekly staff writer Betty Brink a big thank-you. Both have doggedly pursued the malfeasance and skullduggery rampant within the Tarrant County College District’s management and board.
Millions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted and abused by these so-called leaders of our community, who, like most elected or appointed officials, consider themselves far superior to — and not answerable to — mere mortal taxpayers.
Kinky Friedman pretty well framed what should be a concern of every taxpayer related to TCCD and most other governmental entities, when he said, “Somewhere in all this horseshit there has to be a pony.” If only the Star-Telegram was half the local media giant that the Weekly is, our community would be a better place.
Dennis Killy

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