Chow, Baby: Tuesday November 25, 2008
Holiday Greenery

Today’s journalism-lingo term is evergreen, meaning a non-time-pegged article that an editor keeps on hand to fill space in case of emergency — say a columnist gets sick, or suddenly takes off to visit its family in New Orleans, or maybe just doesn’t feel like working that week. In fact, this very column you’re reading is an evergreen, one of several that Chow, Baby’s editor insisted on having on hand after the last time Chow, Baby didn’t feel like working. Um, had possible food poisoning or something.
Obviously Chow, Baby’s evergreens can’t be about restaurants, not at the rate they go out of business around here. So instead, please enjoy these timeless recipes; and before you say, “Gee, Chow, Baby, why would I ever cook at home when dining out is such an easy three-step process: drive to restaurant, order, eat?,” Chow, Baby reminds you that the best recipes also take only three steps. Here, easy hors d’oeuvres that are perfect for (fill in upcoming holiday or event).

Lazy New Orleanian’s
Shrimp Remoulade
Chow, Baby made a useful discovery the other day (or last month, or last year): You’re laying out all the ingredients for a nice summer salad, but you don’t have much counter space, so just to get them out of the way until sautéing time you stick a plate of raw shrimp in the microwave. Then you accidentally bump into the microwave’s one-minute button — and the shrimp come out perfectly done, firm and pink. It’s amazing.

2 lbs big shrimp
1 jar Zatarain’s remoulade sauce
Romaine leaves

1. Peel the shrimp down to the tail. Zap for a minute or so. Chill until chilled.
2. Arrange the romaine leaves on a pretty platter, and dump the shrimp on top.
3. Thwack the remoulade sauce into a bowl and place enticingly near the shrimp.

Spiked Blue Cheese Dip
People come to Chow, Baby’s parties just for this dip, though it’s rather rude of them to say so.
Big thing of full-fat sour cream
About a third as much crumbled blue cheese as sour cream
Splash or two of port wine
A few tablespoons of curry powder from Import Food Market
Ruffles potato chips, for serving

1. Stir together the sour cream and blue cheese. Refrigerate overnight to meld.
2. Stir in port wine until the dip is just faintly pink.
3. Mix in curry powder until you can taste it, then put in one tablespoon more.

Beloved’s Chipped Tuna on Chips
Serve this if you want to make somebody fall in love with you.
1 lb. sushi-grade tuna, frozen, from Central Market
Sesame oil, cheap at Hong Kong Market
Bunch of chives, chopped into teeny rounds
Sea salt and fresh-cracked pepper
Potato chips (not the Target store brand, they’re too salty)

1. Let the tuna thaw just a bit, so it’s still firm enough to chop into tiny pieces. The smaller the better, like pill-sized, though that’s probably not the culinary term.
2. Shake pieces in a baggie with oil and chives. Season to taste.
3. Dollop a spoonful of tuna on each chip and place on a big dramatic platter.

And that’s it for now. Chow, Baby will see you next week, if it feels better or not, as the case may be. If not, Chow, Baby’s Three-Step Main Dishes is on standby.

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